Indoor chores (vacuuming, dusting, laundry) are much more enjoyable than outdoor chores (raking, mowing, pruning), amirite?

Air conditioner.

The brain has an anus, also known as the mouth, amirite?

Talking shit?

Stoners: The only things that bake at room temperature. amirite?

If I were "baking", I'd be laughing hysterically at this post right now.

What Twilight SHOULD'VE said: "About three things I was absolutely positive. First, Edward was a stalker and a creeper. Second, there was part of him — and I didn't know how potent that part might be — that suffered from Manic Depression. And third, I was strangely and unashamedly entertained by it all,",amirite?

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0:50-1:40, hilarious!

If you take a picture of yourself making this face on someone else's phone you are just begging to have it spread all over the internet, amirite?
We've all wanted to have sex with Pamela Anderson at some point n our lives. amirite?

That would be like throwing a hot dog down a hallway...after Tommy Lee, that is.

amirite is more addictive than facebook, amirite?

Amirite is addictive if you like reading about opinions on certain subjects...or finding a reason to vote "No Way" smirk2 smilie

Gauges are gross, amirite?

If you can fit a banana in it, or any object, and actually show a picture of you putting something in your ear hole, then yes, I agree. Too many commas, I know.

You've never been in love, but you imagine it's similar to the feeling you get when you see your waiter arriving with your food, amirite?
@Will Ferrel quote.

Yes I knew it! Where's the link?!

Smacking is necessary, if a child runs into the street, you would not wait for them to be ran over by a truck and say "you deserved it" to their lifeless body. You would intervene and discipline them in a tangible way. In essence, you give the child a little bit of physical or emotional pain now to avoid a lot of pain later. amirite?
@ARandomPerson you really think that you could rationalize and negotiate with a small child? at a very young age, they can only...

Yes, I do think so. Kids in this day and age are so intelligent, and I wouldn't want to resort to physical violence when there are other ways to approach it.

Why don't we hook the political candidates to lie detectors during debates and see who the real winner is. amirite?

Some how it would become a reality show.

"Skrillex" is not music, amirite?

It is art in the form of sound, and they have great I disagree with this post.

Making one small change at a time can lead to great outcomes. amirite?
Every zoo is a petting zoo as long as you're not a pussy, amirite?
@Brettward95 I think you got the wrong joke here

I'm just trying to get my achievement...I didn't know this was going to be POTD sad smilie

It's really amusing when someone is lying to you and you know they're lying, and you give them a chance to redeem themselves, but they just keep lying. So basically it's funny to watch someone dig themselves into a hole, amirite?

I completely agree, although its really sad sometimes...