You've at least once have been holding two things: A food item and a non-food item, and accidentally tried to eat the inedible one, amirite?

Happened with glue and candy while doing a project. sad smilie

Exacerbate sounds kind of dirty only because it sounds a lot like masterbate. amirite?
it makes you kind of sick to see that there is so much suffering to good people in this world, and that many will never see justice. What if there's no karma? No heaven? What if these are just devices to make people feel better, when really the world is just cruel and unconcerned about the evils and goods of man, amirite?

Completely agree with your post and ask myself the same questions.

Guys: waking up is the second hardest thing in the morning. amirite?

Now..what's the third hardest thing...

You've never asked for Pepsi and have been asked "is Coke alright?" amirite?

Charlie Sheen prefers Coke over Pepsi.

Every zoo is a petting zoo as long as you're not a pussy, amirite?

Then there is probably some licking involved. yum smilie

Movies with too many famous people usually don't turn out too well, amirite?

The Expendables.

school is like a boner, it's long and hard unless you're Asian, amirite?

I bet the people that disagreed were asian.

Sometimes you check your phone to see what time it is and then check it again because the first time you weren’t paying attention, amirite?
The best time to fart in public is when you're walking through a large crowd of people. They'll never know who it was.. amirite?

I like seeing how many I get without subtracting 1.

Sometimes you see squigglys floating in your eye and you just have to follow them and wonder where they're going and how they appeared. amirite?

Ha creepy. But its entertaining :D

Mimes walk the walk but never talk the talk. amirite?
The music industry can directly influence some to continue the path of destruction when it comes to lyrics talking about drinking, sex and drug use.

What a bullshit external locus of control load of crap. If anyone is influenced by music that much their parents should be ****ing ashamed for having so little influence on their child that music actually influences them more than they do.

ANYTHING can influence ANYTHING but that doesn't make it a good excuse- people do drugs because they want to and if anyone blames it on music they've got a huge problem with not taking responsibility for their own damn self.

I mean Jesus if music effects them so much why don't the songs about being successful and making a lot of money influence them to go do that? It's a bullshit excuse so they can shoulder the blame onto something else instead of acknowledging what actually happened- they wanted to drugs so they did and they had so little self control they didn't stop.

The worst class to have a bad teacher in is math, amirite?

Chemistry...math and mixing dangerous things together...

It would be amazing if all restaurants had to end their URLs with ".nom", amirite?

And porn sites could end in ".cum"