I am a fictional character. I am an attorney, a census worker, a college student, an emergency rescuer, a fighter pilot, a grocery clerk, a hockey player, a novelist, a talent agent, and a tennis pro. Who am I?

Homer Simpson?

@fuzala legally when the jury decides personally I don't know the answer

So by saying "assume it was unintentional unless proven intentional" under the belief that to prove something is just some people saying that it is that way, you're saying that a jury should assume innocence unless the jury has said they're guilty?
So what? No one commits any crimes? Well that would solve most death penalty related controversies. Clever clever.

On the current Google sketch (i.e. the New Years sketch), the 4 looks like it's contemplating murdering the 3, amirite?

Thank goodness this got homepaged in such a timely manner.

Killing someone because you were misinformed and thought it was okay is, in my opinion, akin to killing someone because you were reckless.

@fuzala unintentional in terms of actual guilt knew the person was innocent but still sentenced -intentional did not know...

In that case I would reason that your second comment contradicts your views.
Unless you believe that an innocent person can be proven guilty, then these people must have sentenced an man who, by the reasoning of innocent until proven guilty, they knew was innocent.

Certain people don't want to give religion any credit when the good things associated with religion come to mind. These same people want to give religion pretty much all the credit when it comes to the bad things, though. This is certainly an unfair imbalance. Amirite?

I'd argue that it's just as common to give religion credit for good things and when it causes bad things to just push the religion aspect aside.
I mean how often do you hear people speak of terrorists or the Westborough Baptists and hear them say "They're not real [religious people]."? That to me doesn't make sense.
I agree that someone who sees only the bad in something they don't like is unreasonable, but it goes both ways, and it happens with so many different things, to say that it's unfair on religion isn't something I agree with.

do you pick sides or are you a neutral?

You should make a follow up post to this that just says "How do you feel about the issues?"

There is something ironic about not being able to open a pack of much-needed scissors
@Pergenstein I have done this quite a bit lately. I feel like an old man who things there is nothing good left in the world...

Hey now, don't be unfair, don't you remember what amirite used to be like? Everyone always using the word cunt without it being censored, damaging our fragile little eyes, and all that freedom to express your opinion about the site, and have the people in charge acknowledge your thoughts, when they should have just been deleting them and pretending your opinion just wasn't there.
I bet you can't reply to this comment before they delete it. smirk smilie

There is something ironic about not being able to open a pack of much-needed scissors
@GiggityGoo22 agreed. Why is it like this now?

The mods are spending too much time stopping people from making good posts to stop people from making awful posts.

There is something ironic about not being able to open a pack of much-needed scissors

It would have taken about five extra seconds to put this in amirite format.