About me.

I love to read and watch movies :) (probably why i work at a video store where i can rent all the movies i want for free) ;) a list of my favorite movies include a thousand or so ;p. right now the top are Tangled, Easy A, Despicable Me, (500) days of summer, and Monster House. and dinner for schmucks!!! :D watch it!! . my top books in no particular order are Ella Enchanted, (the movie sucks), harry potter, you don't know me, keeping you a secret, two way street, and beastly. :) i wanna see the movie :)
hm what else, i talk to the same guy every day and he's never boring unless he's not talking ;p you know who you are sir ;)
i have a strong loathing for the show 16 and pregnant.. i mean seriously, just close your freaking legs!! >.<
I absolutely HATE Jersey Shore! why do people like that?? D:
i overuse smilies, not similes ;) i like the ;) face and :) and ;p a lot.. but the one that's my favorite shall remain a secret ;)
music is wonderful :)
i say lol too much.. but i usually always laugh out loud :) i laugh a lot :) ask that guy i talked about earlier ;)
i don't understand why people say "i lost the game" or "i won the game" wtf are they talking about? :/ that confuses me to no end :)
i get confused easily ;) and i mean like really, :)
i hate when people type like they're gangsters when they really aren't... for example : "lyk thizz iz da best nyt evaaa! i cant wait to chill wit my gurlz" bah you people can go die! :p and grow a brain. ... or something! :P ;)
pluto is still a planet in my heart :)
drugs are bad for you... ^-^
world peace exists somewhere out there.. and one day i'll find it and live on that planet :) because it's definitely not earth... unless you know some secret island i'm not aware of. ;)
maybe it's in pluto ;)
spongebob is my favorite show ever :) that and C.S.I Las Vegas.. all the other ones are doofy and boring.. oh and i hate the new c.s.i las vegas episodes.. after grissom and sarah left it just wasn't the same. :/
never take your family for granted because they might not be around when you need them the most..
dance in the rain :)
laugh :) you'll live longer..
love is the secret to most peoples happiness :) or money :p for those lameheads out there :)
don't take life too seriously, no one gets out alive anyway. :)
i saw a post about QWOP and now i can't stop playing it... i seriously suck very badly at it.. i can go backwards better than forwards.. pathetic ;) just learned there are hurdles!!? what?! grr curse you game! ;p prepare to meet your maker! or whatever... ;)
i bid you adieu now :) PEACE!
p.s. this thing keeps erasing stuff and i'm getting annoyed :p technology hates me, that is all :)
p.s.s. kumquat and onomatopoeia are fun words to say :) except onomatopoeia is hard to spell ;)
vroum vroum, crash, bang, boom. sploosh. ;)
k that's all :) for now ;p