About me.

It all started with a man named Pablo. Pablo was a simple man, with simple goals and a simple life. No one really cared about Pablo, though. They thought he was too simpleminded. One day Pablo woke up, and decided he wanted to change. He got out of bed, and skipped (not just simply walked, but skipped) to the door to shake things up. Almost immediately, he tripped and fell over his cat, who freaked out and bit him. Little did Pablo know, the cat was rabid. Pablo began to feel dizzy. Then he passed out.

Pablo woke up outside. He wasn\'t sure how he got there. His senses felt stronger. His simple vision was now picture perfect, and his hearing was fantastic. Pablo decided he liked the new him, and didn\'t want to go back to his simple self. He crawled across the street. Wait a sec, he crawled? Pablo just realized he was walking on all fours. He stood up, but fell over. He got up again, and lost his balance again. He repeated this several times until he gave up and decided to stick with all fours. He then started running acrozz the alley and through a dirty puddle. A few specks hit his legs, and Pablo lowered his head to lick it off. His tongue touched his corse fur, and he leaped back in surpirse. First of all, he was freakin licking himself, and second of all he was covered in gold, striped fur. Pablo looked down at his reflection in the puddle, and gasped in surprise. Pablo was a cat.