When your favorite sports team wins, you say, "We won," like you're part of the team, amirite?

かった! かった!

Putting religious sayings on public buildings is unconstitutional, especially since they will most likely use public money to do it, amirite?
@Chips I realise that, and there's nothing stopping people of other religions from putting up symbols of faith, except for...

yes because making sure every person gets equal rights, and making sure people don't get special treatment from the government just because of what they beleive in is such a time waster. Martin Luther King and all the people involved in the feminist movement might as well have been sitting on their couch and watching tv.

I'm not saying it's a choice, but if being gay is in genetics, why is it possible to have identical twins and only one of them be gay, especially if they grew up in the same environment, amirite?
@Chiff I hope you get mauled by Bonoboes

i once saw 2 bonoboes doing it at they zoo, the guy got hard because they were feeding him

It doesn't make sense when countries invest billions into things like space exploration when there are thousands of poor impoverished citizens struggling just to survive, amirite?

Well if you start handing out money to poor people/countries, they might become dependent on it, and not try to advance themselves to the point where they can sustain themselves. to help we should educate them and give them guidance so they can get to the self sustaining position

It's racist to have college scholarships based on ethnicity. Where's the middle-class-white-kid-from-the-suburbs scholarship, amirite?

What if white people just want to work harder than all other races. maybe they where taught good work ethics and kept passing them down generation to generation. I think we need to teach good work ethics and good parenting etc. so they can eventually provide for themeselves, or their children will learn from them and they can support themselves. instead of having to give money to every generation...... just saying

In God's eyes everybody's hot. This world has beauty all through her. Picture the fattest chick you know. God would totally do her. He'd do her all the way, even call her the next day to see how work was going, amirite?

Have you heard of my religion? it's called the Church of Hot Addiction, and we believe that God has lust for everyone.

Screw those commies who say Jesus was from the Middle East! We all know our lord and savior was from the Good Ol' U! S! A! Amirite?

I love how people are responding to this so seriously....

All your birthday is is just the anniversary of you being expelled from your mother's womb, amirite?

yes, because I'm sure being in the womb was amazing...... lol

They should take references to God off of American money, amirite?

not to be intrusive or anything, but can't god refer to all three of the major monotheistic religions?? and if your athiest why do you care if it's on the money? oh, no the goverment said god they want to turn us all into stupid christian. Like really??? WTF just don't pay attention to it if you don't like it it's one fucking sentence

No matter what religion, race, or sexuality, it doesn't even matter if you're athiest, PRAY FOR JAPAN. amirite?


I must endure the presence of two or three caterpillars if I wish to become acquainted with the butterflies, amirite?

Caterpillars aren't that bad you know

Gay people and activists should just be happy with what they have, at least you aren't getting executed here like you would in some other countries. amirite?

WOW. what if you were part of a group that wasn't being given full rights. Wouldn't you try to get more freedoms? pretttty sure you wuld

You know shit's bad when you hear an atheist mutter "God damn it", amirite?

Not really....... they probably say it more because saying "God" is just a word for emphasis to them

You still remember the Tomagachi toy you had when you were little, amirite?

except i hated that like every 4 months they came out with a new version and you just haad to buy the new one

I'm gay. If you have anything against this, then fine, but at least respect the way I am as I respect you. Please stop insulting me and saying it's a choice. I'm the homosexual, so I would know if it is or isn't a decision, amirite?
@And if this is not the first incident, and the man agreed to be gentle and to afterwards give her candy (or...

I am going to stop this conversation because obviously you are too stupid and ignorant to believe that a child would willingly have sex with a pedophile (and brainwashing isn't willingly) i think you are just trying to prove that what you do is right (yes i am accusing you of being a pedophile).