About me.

Things to know:

•My name is Alexis.

•If I don't give you the okay to call me a nickname, don't, I won't respond to you.

•Recently turned 18.

•I have the ability to be sunshine and rainbows, but I more likely than not will never be chummy with people on amirite? for my own reasons

•I, normally, hate stereotypes and will only laugh at those I haven't seen before.

•I like exotic animals and own 5 chinchillas, and I will hopefully own a fox after I graduate.

•If you don't like me, don't respond to my comments or posts it's not like I asked you for your input.

•I'm pretty open minded about most things.

•I am an atheist, but I will not try to asphyxiate you with my religious belief.

•I normally come on amirite? between the hours of 11 pm and 5 am, so if I make a spelling or grammatical error, keep this in mind and don't bitch about it.

•If yuh typ lyk diz n trii ta argu wit meh ay wel mke fuhn of yuh.

•I love starbucks ice cream and coffee. Starbucks in general gives me

•Follow me and love my comments to your heart's content I probably won't do the same, unless your comment/you are that amazing.

•Sometimes, I'm a pirate.

•Don't speak to me about your relationships people... I would rather not hear about it for my own reasons.

•I loves Bailey he is one of my best friends ever because he'd "rip out a bitch's weave" for me.

•I'll keep this dot here in case anything else pops into my head.

That is all for now. You may go away.