They're milking the Ice Age movies a bit too much, amirite?

Yeah, this newest one seems like they took every black celebrity they could find and made them a mammoth.

It's irritating when girls act all high and mighty just because they don't wear makeup, some girls need that makeup to feel decent about themselves or to cover up acne/acne scars. Not all girls that wear makeup are sluts, get over yourself, amirite?
@Saigot Guys don't have make-up, most guys don't like make-up. you do not NEED makeup to do anything but hide insecurity...

NOT ALL WOMEN WEAR MAKE-UP FOR GUYS. I hate to put it so bluntly, but I don't give two fucks what some guy thinks of me. He won't see me in the mirror and feel like crap about having years of bad acne and then horrible reactions to products like Proactiv. Many other women including myself do it because we want to and you are in no position to call us insecure because you don't get it.

Christians: It is not whether the chicken came before the egg, its which one did God create first, amirite?
Clouds should be frozen. I mean, they're made of water and you know it's cold up in the atmosphere, so why don't the clouds freeze? amirite?

So what are you saying? I see nothing wrong with falling ice clouds of death funtime happiness.

Christians: It is not whether the chicken came before the egg, its which one did God create first, amirite?
Oregonians: The Black Keys have such a "Portland" sound, amirite?
It's ridiculous that nobody has really been as decided to use even go want to do look more like, amirite?
You enjoy stormy⚡☁ weather, amirite?

I'm afraid of storms :(. Nice use of symbols though.

The two celebs you would love to have as grandparents: Betty White and William Shatner. amirite?

More like Betty white and James Earl jones.

Anytime someone says stereotype you think AM and FM, amirite?

Stupid questions like that are why you're down here and they're up there.

It's nearly impossible to NOT eat an entire box of Girl Scout cookies or Wheat Thins in one sitting, amirite?

I agreed until I saw "or Wheat Thins..." they aren't that great..

It's ridiculous that Obama reversed Bush's legislation on affirmative action. Now it's once again okay for colleges to take black students just because they're black, amirite?
@UmmmmUmUmUmUmmmmmmm Yes, worthy. But reversing the legislation on affirmative action means that colleges can accept someone based...

That IS how it is here. If a black person and a white person with the same transcripts applied for college the white person would be accepted over the black person just because of skin color.

Even in the job world a white man will make more than a black man and a black woman even less.

Until people stop being prejudiced and biased, I affirmative action is needed.

you have asked some of your guy friends how big their "pen15' is, amirite?
People that lose money to online piracy should quit bitching. Okay, fine, you lost $100,000. Go console yourself by bathing in the $10,000,000 you already have, amirite?

Seriously, another post semi-related to SOPA... Why are you guys so for artists being ripped off?They put all this effort into entertaining you and you repay them by stealing their music? That's pretty shitty. It's kind of shocking how selfish people are... If you can't afford to pay for a song/movie/whatever else, it's probably a sign that you don't need it anyway.

It would be kinda cool if phones had the option to instead of ring, let the person calling talk to you until you picked up. amirite?
@mr_e imagine how much worse telemarketing would be...

Imagine what stalkers would become knowing the person they're obsessed with can talk to them before answering the phone.