Clever logos make you smile, amirite?

I think the lion bird one is pretty awesome.

It is ridiculous that my family is making me apologize to them for taking my gay best-friend to prom and "ruining their day", amirite?
@SkylarOctavious You taking your gay best friend to prom, ruined their day how?

They said I tricked them into doing my hair, driving me there in the Mercedes, doing my nails and buying me a ring by not telling them he was gay when really I thought why would it matter.

You ever think about how ironic Remus Lupin's name is? Let me explain. Lupin + e = lupine (adjective): Of, like, or relating to a wolf or wolves. And in roman mythology the twins Remus and Romulus were demigod sons of Mars (Ares in greek mythology) who were raised by wolves. Did his parents know he was going to be a werewolf someday? amirite?

It's ironic how many people use the word ironic wrong.

They're milking the Ice Age movies a bit too much, amirite?

Yeah, this newest one seems like they took every black celebrity they could find and made them a mammoth.

You know underwear is slutty if you cant tell the front from the back, amirite?

Well boy shorts are like this, as in difficult to tell the back from the front, but they aren't slutty.

You know it's cold outside when you go outside and it's cold, amirite?
Boys: in all reality you only tell girls they look better without any makeup so that they'll stop whining about how ugly they think they are, amirite?

takes note of all the people that agreed

Your school has certain fashion trends that other schools don't have, amirite?

Flannel shirts, shorts and Walmart ugg knock-offs.... Sexy right?

Girls should act like girls, amirite?
@StickCaveman Define how girls are suppose to act.

If this guy says anything about kitchens, babies, "sammiches", dresses, or being seen and not heard all points are invalid.

YOLO. Unless you're a cat. Then YOLNT, amirite?
@I don't get it...

YOLO stands for "you only live once" (made popular by drake). Cats are said to have nine lives, so for them one would say YOLNT which stands for "you only live nine times".

You are very welcome in advance.

It's annoying when malls hire Santas that aren't old white men. Santa is not 35, Santa is not a woman, and Santa is NOT black, so stop pretending that he is. amirite?
@omnomnom Also, Santa is NOT real, so stop pretending that he is.

He's not? :( childhood crushed.

So the tooth fairy is real right?

If you have a larger butt, please do not wear yoga pants. Nobody wants to see your ass jiggling around when you walk, amirite?

How about people stop wearing yoga pants outside of yoga class and not wearing leggings as a form of pants?

Also, what's wrong with big butts?

Tattoos are a turnoff, amirite?

It all depends on how many.

You think porn should be banned, amirite?

Porn is better than prostitutes.

YOLO. Unless you're a cat. Then YOLNT, amirite?
@Ohhhh, well I'm white so I don't listen to "Drake." Or any black music for that matter. Is "Drake" even fully black?

Race has nothing to do with musical tastes.... He is half black half Jewish. What exactly is black music?