Skinny jeans should be left for the girls. amirite?
@justfuckmeup Some guys can pull it off.

Well I would think putting them on and wearing them would be the real issue here.

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7 REASONS TO DATE A BRITISH BOY: 1. His accent. 2. Having someone call you love. 3. His accent. 4. They dress better than American Boys. 5. His accent. 6. They're cuter than American Boys. 7. His accent. amirite?
You have brushed your teeth in the shower at least once, amirite?
@The toothpaste burns my balls if it gets on them

You should most likely not put toothpaste on them anymore.

You always accept free shit, even if it's not something you would normally want, amirite?
Anyone who's an atheist just hasn't heard of Pascal's Wager, amirite?
@Suzywao I wager on the existence of the Abrahamic god I pick the wrong version of him, and the correct version sends me...

I could say the same thing. You do not understand Islam and you will go to Hell unless you reject Christ and accept Allah.

You were damaged by the media forcing images of Islamic terrorism upon you from a young age, and brainwashed to believe in Christ by your parents, which repelled you from The True Lord. Maybe you should see a therapist so you can become less deluded.

You won't believe that, so why should I believe you?

It's wrong for an 11 year old girl to have a new boyfriend every 4 days, amirite?

Bitch just wants him for his sub.

You can argue all you want that pot should be illegal because "ZOMG IT'S DRUUUGS," but why is everyone okay with cigarettes and alcohol being legal when they kill tons of people every year? amirite?

I'm against cigarettes and smoking drugs. Neither should be legal. Alcohol is okay because it hurts only you. Smoking hurts the environment (yes I know it's insignificant, but all those smokers does make a difference) and smoke annoys everyone around the smoker. Plus, drinking a liquid into your system is natural. Having smoke come from your mouth isn't.

You wonder how the Dursleys treated Harry as a baby. I mean, you can't really neglect an innocent little child, amirite?

You want milk? TOO DAMN BAD.

It's sad that beautiful curvy models are called "plus size" while skeletons with skin are normal, amirite?
@SpearmintMilk I wish I looked like her.

I'm pretty sure her butt is prettier than my face

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No matter how much you bash Justin Bieber, he will still be famous, loaded with cash, and successful whether you like it or not, amirite?

I always say the same thing about Stephenie Meyer.

"Regular" marriage & "Gay" marriage are like bikini tops & bras. Exactly the same thing, yet only one is allowed in public. amirite?
You wouldn't pronounce Syria as Sur-e-uh, so don't pronounce syrup as sur-up, amirite?
Who named trojan condoms? I mean, the trojan horse came through the city gates, busted open in the middle of the night releasing loads of little guys and ruining everyones day, amirite?

its cause it was a surprise and if the condom breaks or theres a hole in it..SURPRISE!

Right now, I want you to try to make the ;p face in real life. You felt like a retard, amirite?

also if you try to make this face:


I dont even know...