It must really suck dick to be a girl. Haha get it? Because not only would it be horrible to be a female, but because females have to suck their bf's dicks. Hence, it would "suck cock" to be a girl. You might not think that's funny so you can just skip over this post, but don't vote NW just cuz you don't get the joke. It's not fair to do that to a post just because you don't understand. amirite?
@facsinyourarea god dayum!

You brought this at me 12 years later. I didn’t even know this account existed anymore. God dayum!

It's kind of weird that someone becoming best friends with a person who isn't their partner, spending all their time with them, telling them everything and connecting with them really well in general, isn't considered cheating when having a random, drunk, sexual encounter is, amirite?
@rosi3 i just think its strange that in general relationships are based on who you are having sex with more than who you...

The thing about sex is that it often is a deeply emotional experience. Cheating is about breaking the trust of your significant other (it could be sleeping with someone you're not monogamous with, or even in a poly relationship to go beyond the boundaries you set). It's trust that's the issue, not sex.

Enough with the rallies and pleads to end bullying if your kid is being bullied then the best way to solve the issue is to knuckle up and grind some bones. amirite?
@beinganonymous i agree with you about the physical bullying, but barely any of the "fad" suicides are allegedly from physical...

I think that when it comes to the psychological bullying, it's nearly impossible to keep track of. Having someone to really talk to and having repercussions within the school for this type of bully should be enough. My point with the authorities is more that they should make resources available outside of the classroom (the same as you'd want someone being emotionally abused at home to have counselling, you'd want someone being emotionally abused outside of the home to have counselling) and be available for situations that do need legal interference. Though, I guess the available resources thing would be more of a provincial/state issue. It's true that kids need to learn to deal with it (bullying exists, like I said, everywhere) and more resources could help kids. The problems arise when a kid doesn't know what to do so they do something stupid. Also, I agree with the glorifying bit. It's important to get the message out, but it's hard to do so without making those kids look like heroes (when in reality, they were just troubled kids who didn't know how to handle a bad situation).

And hey, I do that all the time when I come across an old set of comments. So it's cool.

Enough with the rallies and pleads to end bullying if your kid is being bullied then the best way to solve the issue is to knuckle up and grind some bones. amirite?
@Your_Moms_Boyfriend At my school, and every school I've ever been to, everyone, including bullies are more than nice to the... Special kids

That's fortunate and not true for every school. I've seen a kid with MS get the shit kicked out of him simply because they wanted to ride his trike and he didn't want to let them.

Enough with the rallies and pleads to end bullying if your kid is being bullied then the best way to solve the issue is to knuckle up and grind some bones. amirite?
@beinganonymous This is not intended to be a sexist comment, just an observation. I'm willing to bet money that twisted is female...

I agree with the part about the bullying being different for girls than guys, but in my experience that's changing a lot. The majority of the female bullying I witnessed (and experienced) was physical. Regardless, I think that more needs to be done to prevent whatever type as best as possible.

I don't believe that you can get rid of bullying entirely nor do I think that would be necessary. People need to learn to deal with bullies because they are everywhere in life. But, when that bullying becomes abuse and leads to suicides because a kid didn't have the resources or knowledge to stop it, then that's not ok. I'm glad you could find a way to hold on, but not everyone thinks like you and not everyone has the ability to fight back. I mentioned disabled kids who can't fight back. I've seen the bullying a disabled kid can face and it simply shouldn't happen. Something needs to be done. But what, I don't know. I stand by my opinion, however, that there needs to be something more done within the schools and by law enforcement and more resources need to be available. Sorry if I've missed anything or repeated myself, this thread is from a long while ago.

You don't use Oxford commas (the comma before the 'and' in a list: soup, soap, and syrup), amirite?
@fEMMAnist I always use the Oxford comma! It's my subtle passive aggressive way of rebelling against society. Also use BC/AD...

Really? I use BCE/CE for that reason. Everyone refuses to stop using BC/AD, at least where I live anyway.

It would make more sense that 50% is a passing grade rather than 70%, amirite?
@Cydonia At my school 50% is actually a passing grade. Anything below that is a fail though.

It's the same at my school, but for almost everything you need at least 60% (so if you take a course and want the next course, you need at least 60% to be able to take it). Then, you also have degree requirements, where you need at least a certain average. On top of that, you have post degree program requirements, like if you want to do a masters you need a certain grade and if you're looking for a program to get into (say, education) you need a certain grade. So basically, you can't get a degree with a D (50%) average. You can with 65-70% (C+) though, but that's the lowest.

All rapists should face the death penalty, amirite?
@Lettuce Where is the proof the rape is about control, and not sex?

In all the statistics and interviews with rapists... It's incredibly rare for a rapist to say they did it just for sex. If it was about sex, they'd just get a cheap hooker or bar slut. I'm not going to google it for you.

Gale is too much like Katniss for the two to really love each other the way Katniss and Peeta do, amirite?

He also goes kinda douchey at one point.

@personThingy I'm not trying to grey the lines, I'm trying to move them.

I think you could come up with something between manslaughter and murder, but driving drunk and killing someone by accident is not the same as intentionally killing someone.

Girls, you would date a guy over 10 years older than you, amirite?

I think I might, if we suited each other quite well. But it's something I'd definitely take into consideration before committing. An age difference that large can cause issues.

@a_fetus I'm aware that it's technically manslaughter, but I think that should change. Though the law doesn't differentiate...

I agree with that, but I don't put it on the same level as murder. You might be an idiot and drive drunk or while texting and kill someone, but that's not the same thing as taking a knife and stabbing someone to death.

@fEMMAnist People under the influence of drugs, people with mental disabilities, and people in a state of emotional distress...

Also, I think the difference between intention and lack thereof is pretty damn important. A person who accidentally kills another because they were stupid is going to feel fucking terrible for their whole life and will likely accept the punishment they get and agree it's deserved. Someone who consciously kills another person deserves a harsher punishment. They're not likely to feel as bad (if at all) and they intentionally went out of their way to take a life. The difference is huge imo. I do, however, think that the punishments against drunk and impaired driving should be harsher, as to prevent such things from happening so often.

@personThingy You're saying this could cause people to be wrongly convicted. The 2 examples we've mentioned are about how people...

You can't make exceptions in one case and not another. If you offer the opportunity to grey the lines between murder and manslaughter, it has to be able to go either way. There is a reason the law isn't a grey area; it's pretty black and white.

One of the ways Twilight is cool is because Bella loves Jacob even though he's Indian, while in Harry Potter, there are only white people, because I guess J K Rowling just doesn't like people who aren't white. Just one reason Twilight is better, amirite?
@muffinmonster36 Hold it. There is an essential difference between the concept and emotions and morals and theme of a story versus...

Pretty much everything you just said was already said, and I disagreed with it. That's one set of interpretations of all of those things. Also, you say what the authors of HP and R&J intend, and then ignore the intention of the author for Twilight. The theme I get (and the intention of Meyer) from Twilight, is not backing down and fighting for what you believe in: love, friendship, and family. Everyone has a personal interpretation. If you don't like a book, you'll obviously have a negative interpretation. That doesn't make me or you wrong, it just makes us people who like different things.