Gay marriage should be legal, amirite?
<em>Authors note: This is for a report and I'd appreciate it if you could give me reasons why you think it should be legal in the comments. If I use your ideas you will be cited in my report.</em>

Because the only reason it's not is religious and religion should have no place in laws like that. Not everyone is Christian (or Muslim, or whatever other religion that says homosexuality is wrong). Same-sex marriage is between two consenting adults and affects nobody but the people involved. You should have the right to marry the one you love (provided nobody is harmed, i.e., an adult and a child should NOT be allowed to marry). Also, marriage above union as there are way more rights granted in a marriage than any union.

Drink apple juice because OJ will kill you. amirite?
It annoys you when you're having a conversation with certain people, and they make fun of you for using "big words"; "Propo- whaat? Proportional? What the fuck does that mean?! You fucking loser...", amirite?

Proportional is a big word?

The world would be a better place without plastic surgery, amirite?

Plastic surgery is more than just face lifts and butt implants. It's restoring a person to their natural beauty if they've been burned or scarred. Sometimes if a person has their face burned, they need a whole new nose or lips simply to be able to breathe and talk right.

So I disagree.

Just because people say you are preppy, or emo, or nerdy, or whatever does not mean you are limited to that label. You can be whatever you want to be (within reason, you can't be a bird or something.) Why reduce yourself to a single word? You are more than a prep, a nerd, an emo, a stoner....Limiting yourself to a label is an insult to yourself. Give yourself some credit. Amirite?

"To the outside world they were simply the Jock, the Brain, the Criminal, the Princess, and the Kook. But to each other, they would always be the Breakfast Club."

Who came up with hugs? The very first hug must have been really creepy. "What are you doing?...Why are you holding me?" "Just trust me." amirite?
to all you know-it-alls saying " dont say the sky is the limit when there are footprints on the moon" oviously havn't been paying attention in geography... the sky continues way beyond the moon, amirite?
It's kinda stupid when people just assume they have something wrong with them. Especially depression. You're not depressed, you're upset because of a stupid reason that shouldn't even MAKE you depressed. Seriously, you're life isn't that bad. Suck it up. Big deal, you had a bad day. The rest of the world had a bad day and so many more people have it so much more worse than you, amirite?

I kinda agree, but also don't

People handles stress differently, and pain is pain no matter where the pain is coming from. You can't go comparing yourself to other people because there will ALWAYS be someone who has it worse. That doesn't make one person's pain any less important. Everyone has bad days, so let them have their bad days and deal how they can. Complaining or crying or whatever. As long as it's not constant, it's fine in my book. We all have bad days, and sometimes it's something that would otherwise be insignificant, but just happens to be the last straw that makes us break. For example, I missed my bus a few days ago and had to wait all of 20 minutes for the next, but I broke down and started crying. It was just the final straw. Between work, school, moving, and my boyfriend's mom dying, I couldn't handle it anymore. That little bit pushed me over.

We all have bad days. Some people may have it worse, but that doesn't make our bad days good days.

Feminists are usually ugly, unmarried women who are just mad that no men want them, amirite?
@fEMMAnist Feminist are fighting for -Women's rights all over the world, not just in America and Europe. You didn't really...

I love that you included things for men as well, because feminism isn't about women being "better" or "above" men, but rather equal. People seem to miss this.

It doesn't matter how many fish there are in the sea if you are stuck in a fishbowl, amirite?
Before reading this post, you never knew that "Pumped Up Kicks" was a song aboot someone literally shooting popular kids because his life was unfair to him. amirite?

It's actually pretty clear in the lyrics. The first time I heard it I thought, "Wow, this is a bit chipper sounding considering this kid is about to shoot someone."

You don't understand why there are Draco Malfoy fangirls. He's a cowardly, snot-nosed little brat; what's so sexy about that, amirite?

Uhm... The actor?

Mother's Day is probably pretty awkward for teen moms who had accident babies, amirite?

That woman sounds like a bitch.

Gay marriage should be legal, amirite?
<em>Authors note: This is for a report and I'd appreciate it if you could give me reasons why you think it should be legal in the comments. If I use your ideas you will be cited in my report.</em>
@vampire_academy Okay now I'm a bit confused. A child can not give concent because they can not love, or because legally they are...

Because they are legally not old enough to give consent, yes. But that has to do with brain development and it's relation to age, not just the number of years you've existed. It's what that number of years means.

You're not racist but inter-racial couples kinda weird you out, amirite?

No, I'm not racist, and there is nothing about inter-racial couples that weird me out. If it weirds you out, then you're at least a little bit racist.