About me.

"O i c wut u did thar ;)"

High there! My name is and I am eh university student from the seventh greatest country on Earth. It has come to my attention that the rankings may have changed since I first posted this, but Colbert mentioned it so truthiness prevails.

A high percentage of the cool kids have read this and enjoyed the punch line, as I have: http://longestjokeintheworld.com

In case you're interested, this was my first TYPO! post (feel free to vote it down!) - http://www.amirite.net/250075

I feel I should own up to this terrible POTD I got months before I got an account. It isn't as TYPO!, and it shows just how terrible I am when it comes to history, but I accept full responsibility for my failure. The pseudonym is a bit of a misnomer, as I was not actually "trolling" per se - http://www.amirite.net/250165

I'm a little prouder of this one: http://www.amirite.net/586272

Et trois: http://amirite.net/587650/1470194

Cuatro, even if it was apparently the third that day: http://amirite.net/745930-regardless-of-who-wins-there-will-be-an-outcry-for-a-recount-amirite/1865550

It's too bad that all four were written anonymously so no one will believe me...

My manifesto is as follows:

I do not not make mistakes. I am the harbringer of corn (there's an ear-ful). I weild the power of the Spelling Stalin. I am literary vengeance. I am the nite. I AM TYPO!, amirite?