Belief in luck is as equally primitive as belief in ghosts and gods. There is no such thing as luck or fortune; there are only decisions and outcomes. Amirite?
@VicZinc Yes and no. I think if I flip a coin 5 times in a row to heads it is luck. Dumb luck, based on...

Hmmm... I see what you're getting at. But, whether we're aware of it or not, there's always an explanation. Always some logic or circumstances or series of events that lead up to the seemingly inexplicable event that causes some to refer to it as "luck".

People are inventive by nature, just open your mind a bit and thoughts will flow. Doesn't it seem like someone could write a book about the immense effort it must take not to have a single creative or original thought? Amirite?

I'm still taken aback by how much friends at work know about some TV show "personality" named Snooky but, haven't a clue about the Higgs Boson...

If you could be remembered for one thing it would be

Other - for being a successful, fair and just leader and people manager.

How can we help companies hire more people over the age of 50?

"We" can't do anything. Those who're over 50 need to do what they must to ensure they're hireable. (i.e. acquire the skills and knowhow that's attractive to companies)

Never trust anyone who believes with "absolute certainty."
For with much wisdom comes much sorrow; the more knowledge, the more grief. Ecclesiastes 1:18

Keep the masses in ignorance for an uneducated mass is a controllable mass. Ecclesiastes 1:18

It would suck to find out that you're just someone's imaginary friend. Amirite?

Dunno if it would necessarily suck... could be A LOT of fun.

When you hear someone complain about work as they sit in their cushioned chair, in an air-conditioned building, you think to yourself, at least they're not digging ditches, in the desert getting shot at or starving in some third-world country. Amirite?
@I fucking hate it when people say shot like this. Just because there are people worse off it doesn't mean I have no...

It's probable that you've lived without want your whole life. It's unlikely that you've engaged in any of the above and you've built little if any character.

The shoe fits you so, you take great offense. You've the right to complain and I would never propose that anyone take that from you. And I've the right to call you a silly, angry little wanker. Good luck with that.

Your life changed when you found you had no gag reflex, amirite?
@TicTacAddict More like my boyfriend's life changed.

Says the person with the screen name TicTacAddict. XD

Which bothers you more – that Bush gave us the Patriot Act or that Obama has extended (and broadened) it's scope?
@PhilboydStudge It honestly bothered me more that Obama extended the act. I was disallusioned.

If the media covered it as they should, more peoples' eyes would be opened to the reality that although on some issues it may seem our 2 party's differ - on the key issues, they really don't.

Authority figures often must enforce consequences for bad behavior. But you cannot support an authority figure who constantly tests his subjects with great afflictions: consistently presenting them with difficulties; purposely causing them distress; allowing horrific conditions to persist that could easily be circumvented; turning a blind eye to immeasurable suffering. Especially when the despot claims that these atrocities are a sign of love. Amirite?

Lord Acton was right.

One should be free to dissect, criticize, or in any way analyze an opinion on this website without being called intolerant, amirite?

Intolerance of other peoples intolerance is intolerant.

The size of a government is directly proportional to the ignorance of its people, amirite?

One of my favorite recently heard phrases - "low information voters".

What do you think about birth control being provided for free? Comments appreciated.

No such thing as "free" - because someone is paying for it. And a gang of asshole politicians promising their voters they'll take my private property to be given to another for birth control is the epitome of wrong.

In humans, no matter the proximate goal, the ultimate goal is (almost) always to attain happiness.

In a way yes. It's still the same old three it has always been. The passing on of our gene's (procreation), sustenance and shelter. Everything from popularity to wealth to power tie into these three things.