The UK should leave the European Union

The EU describes itself as an autocracy - which actually means a dictatorship. If you look at all the countries in the EU at the moment most of them are "on their knees" economically with mass unemployment and no growth. Whatever the existing idea was when it began, it has failed miserably and world economists state that it cannot work with its current model.

If any of the countries in the EU pulled out they would find it very hard for the first three years or so, but to stay in means we could be suffering for the next foreseeable 10 years having already gone through 5 years of abject misery.

Britain is paying £53 million per day into EU coffers, is it any wonder that there are huge problems? And with all the austerity measures that governments are being forced to implement, the EU Parliament wants a further 11 billion euros for its expenses this year. If the countries don't pay the EU will not distribute the 94 billion euros it is holding - that's blackmail! But then this is what dictatorship is all about. And clearly this is not about money, it's about power.

Worst physical pain you've experienced?

The problem with this post is I feel guilty for upvoting or loving someones pain. Oh how I my paternal instinct want to hug you all.

Forget legalizing gay marriage – get the damn government out of our lives so it has no influence over who we can marry is more like it. The fact that we even have to debate who can marry who is despicable and speaks volumes to how much control the government already wields over us. Amirite?

Well said. I am for anything to bring us to LESS in number and power of our government. The EPA, FBI, HHS, CIA, IRS, Homeland Security - do you realize how many agencies have power that is almost untouchable? I want to know why we are not stopping it and what we can actually do to make it happen. The voting system is clearly broken, as is the Electoral College system. It has turned to the wealthy and fund donations rising to the top.

It sucks when you know that you're perfect for a person and that you two would make a perfect couple, and you know you two share the same similarities and tastes and personalities, but they just don't see that. What's worse is when you try to forget about them and crush on someone else, but whenever you do you can't help but notice that no one is as perfect to you as s/he is; and then you end up comparing them and realize that you'll always come back to that one special person. Amirite?
Girls: It's really annoying when you have a legitimate reason to be upset and someone blames it on your period- especially when them blaming it on your period makes you even more noticeably upset so then they're even more sure you're only so upset because of your period, amirite?
It's sorta sad that we never really physically touch each other because of those confounded laws of our universe. Amirite?

I read this before and was also sad about it. Then, I thought.... We're not really separated. All of our electrons are radiating energy to "repel". Are we not all infinitesimally small pieces of energy floating throughout an entire, ever expanding universe of energy? What's happening when electrons "repel" each other is just our energies binding to one another for that moment until we choose to let go. If that's not really the way of it, then I shall follow the wise words of Adam Savage. "I reject your reality and substitute my own."

Which of these most applies to you?

You will never find peace if you look for a place where there is no difficulty, no conflict, and no hatred. You will only find it when you can relax in the midst of all the turmoil.

Don't let people label you. Amirite?

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Belief in luck is as equally primitive as belief in ghosts and gods. There is no such thing as luck or fortune; there are only decisions and outcomes. Amirite?

“Luck is a word the bitter teach to the ignorant.” -Steve Maraboli

I'm still going to use it to describe an event that happened but was unlikely. But I hate when people (or the bitter) look at the success of another person and say, "well, they're just lucky." My 9th grade social studies teacher gave us the perfect quote about luck but for the life of me I just can't think of it. The one above will have to do.

Belief in luck is as equally primitive as belief in ghosts and gods. There is no such thing as luck or fortune; there are only decisions and outcomes. Amirite?

"Luck is when preparation meets opportunity."

That's pretty much my philosophy on it.

If experience is the best teacher, why do parents insist on trying to protect their children from everything, amirite?

My grandfather always said that there are two types of experience: first hand experience is experience you gain yourself. You value it because it cost you a lot to get it. Second hand experience comes from others and is just as good as first hand experience, but it's free and you don't value it as much because it doesn't cost you anything. Your parents are trying to give you second hand experience so you don't gave to go through the same things they did.

You own your time and your skills – they are your private property. When you “work” for someone, and they compensate you through whatever means, that compensation for your time and skills (i.e. your private property) then in turn is equally your private property. This is fair trade and should not be regulated by any entity.
@Kratosisterrifying Without regulation that compensation you receive could be far below your required standard.

But then you could refuse to provide your service until a fair price is reached. It's called bartering. People should be allowed to make agreements with each other however they want. If someone genuinely wants to do a job for only $5 an hour, or for food instead of money, or anything else, that shouldn't be illegal.

Which bothers you more – that Bush gave us the Patriot Act or that Obama has extended (and broadened) it's scope?
@Ethan The only bad thing would be if they abuse the power of it.

Those who were born into freedom rarely notice as it slips away.