The hypothalamus is one of the most important parts of the brain, involved in many kinds of motivation, among other functions. The hypothalamus controls the "Four F's": Fighting, Fleeing, Feeding, and ...mating. amirite?

and thermal regulation...
yes, yr 12 biology student over here y smilie

When you think of the word lesbian you think of two hot girls making out, but not 2 old ladies holding hands, amirite?

amen to this!

Glow Sticks should glow forever, amirite?

i have one with a sword handle - i'm saving it up to have an epic lightsaber battle with my little sister :D

It seems like most people forget there are books other then HP and Twilight, amirite?

it seems like a lot of people on here are fans of MLIA, amirite?

but in agreement, 'remarkable creatures' by tracy chevalier is an awesome book :)

"Dear Nazis, You did what?!?! I said I hate JUICE! Sincerely, Hitler." its funny because in german jew and juice are VERY different, amirite?

mmmm ich liebe apfelsaft! lecker :D
und auch ananassaft

There are very few things that are more disgusting than the hair that collects in the shower drain and people don't take care of it, amirite?

i push it to the side and hope that my sister will get rid of it lol

Sometimes you do things simply because you know it will bother someone, amirite?

like saying 'ceebs' around my german teacher lol

Glow Sticks should glow forever, amirite?
@Raiden thats tight, i have some that bend into shades but they don't glow anymore :(

yeah well the chemicals get used up after a while.
yes, freezing them does slow down the rate of reaction between the 2 chemicals, but they will inevitably run out of reactants.
lol i sound like such a nerd - and i don't even like chemistry :/

but then again, when your old glow sticks die, just go and buy new ones :D

Kid's shows these days suck! I mean, you honestly cannot beat a show like Blinky Bill, amirite?

but i have wanted to throw myself off a cliff after watching the jonas brothers.

Getting struck by lighting would be a pretty shocking experience, amirite?

so i'm totally reading a book atm in which a chick gets struck by lightning as a baby.