Girls with fake nails must really struggle wiping their ass, amirite?

Who convinced women fake nails look nice in the first place? They look obnoxious.

Dogs only know to look at our faces because sound comes from there, amirite?

Yeah but dogs can't look up

As soon as Halloween is over. Christmas stuff will be EVERYWHERE!! amirite?

Christmas stuff has already been EVERYWHERE

A milkshake a day keeps the bad vibes away. amirite?

It also brings the boys to the yard

Replacing Santa with Satan in your head makes Christmas so much funnier. amirite?

But wouldn't that take away from the joy of the Krampus?

Replacing Santa with Satan in your head makes Christmas so much funnier. amirite?

Yeah but in America St Nicholas is synonymous with Santa Claus. Not that it matters since the Krampus is not a part of the Christmas mythology in America and I just enjoy the peculiarities of regional Christmas traditions.

In a good relationship, no one wears the pants. amirite?

Can confirm. Am in good relationship. Have not worn pants in years.

Coincidentally, I am also banned from almost every restaurant in my neighborhood.

You can't be sure of your death. amirite?

Yah I can. I didn't even live yet.

A peanut allergy is not a nut allergy, amirite?

It's actually a mould that grow on peanuts responsible for the severe reactions

You can get a two in monopoly but it's impossible to move two. amirite?
@Proxymoto After you move. Right?

I mean technically yes, but your turn can never end after moving only 2 spaces. But then again I'm not OP so maybe they meant something different

To infinity and beyond!

we microchip our pets for if they get lost, but not our kids, amirite?

Thats like saying we put our pets on leashes, but not our kids. Oh wait...

Stealing pearls from oysters is kinda messed up, amirite?

It's not because pearls are debris like sand and rock that got inside the oyster, and the oyster covers the debris in whatever it's called to make it look like the way it is

@UncleStuv Ken sent me

Hello Barbie! Let's go party!

Getting a 3.99 GPA is more impressive than a 4.0 GPA since you'd have to take a metric ton of classes and score an A- in one of them and A+ in all the others. amirite?

Actually, you'd just have to take 100 courses and get 99 "A"s and one "B".