Seeing as it's the law, vehicles shouldn't be able to be driven until the seatbelt is buckled. amirite?

Then we get into all sorts of trouble with how it determines what needs to be buckled. Weight sensors? What if you're moving and have a bunch of things in the passenger seat? Are children too light to trigger the seatbelt requirement?

There are less than twice as many human feet than humans in the world. amirite?

You're right, because some of them unfortunately their lower limbs are amputated..

Just mentioning the fourth wall in a TV show or movie, breaks it. amirite?

Now to figure out that 5th wall.

Everyone's colorblind since a color you are looking at is everything besides that color. amirite?
Even the laziest human on earth won at least one race: the one before he was born. amirite?

The first sperm doesn't fertilize the egg,

It's not really a race, and more a battle royale.

There is must be a ratio between water and coffee so that that mixed liquid is still considered coffee or not. amirite?

I dumped a packet of kool aid in the ocean, now it tastes like fruit punch. You're welcome!

If you freeze it, you can eat any solid liquids. amirite?

I did this with my wife.

Someone probably has the same signature as you, amirite?

Could be, considering I write my letters out like they're supposed to look and don't do that whole "write the 1st letter and scribble the rest" thing

Being naked was normal in the old days, amirite?

Same when you were born

The world doesn't understand the feeling of a fallen leaf in this beautiful nature. amirite?
@optsyn There were some research about plant feeling things so who knows?

Oh ok I didn't know, I will look for this, it seems interesting

If you fold a slice of pizza in half it becomes a grilled cheese and tomato sandwich. amirite?

Why not just a DIY calzone

Would going down be a delevator or descalator?

Bigfoot probably has a really big dong, amirite?

How big would it be

A Red apple actually exists as Cyan. amirite?
@sithlordsoup it reflects red.

yes and we describe the color of things based off what they reflect not what they absorb... so a red apple is red not every other color ever.

When you are in a scary place with one other person you are less afraid because the chances of something bad happening to you are reduced by 50%. amirite?