Celebrities should be allowed to use force to deter paparazzi, amirite?

yea, thats harassment and everyone has...well, the right not to be harassed

Why is it so popular to hate our president? Why does society see him pretty much as hitler?

God, I agree. People hate our president and are losing faith in our government. In the 1930's, FDR tried everything. Some things worked, others didn't but at least he made sure he tried. Obama's trying this healthcare thing, and it really has the potential to lift the tax burden off of states, its big, and most of us support the idea but are wary of supporting Obama all the way. Healthcare for all is admirable. We should support Obama, geez, I mean, what's so bad about being a little idealistic if it has the potential to change America for the better? We all need to take risks, especially those that may help us

In most areas, women aren't allowed to be topless in public, but this is //not// a gender equality issue. Amirite?

yeah. men are not allowed to take their pants in public too

Amnesty for illegals is unfair to the millions of legal immigrants who waited years, sometimes decades, in line to come to the US, amirite?

thats the problem. years. decades.

A government that can’t build a functional health care website isn’t likely to be very good at running health care for 330 million people, amirite?

theyre working on it... i have some faith

nah people would hella freak

If you're a male, at some point in your past you hid your thing between your legs so you would look like a girl in the mirror.

lol what the hell

When you're in a public bathroom about to take a crap and somebody walks in to pee, you always hold it in until they leave so they won't hear anything.

nah thats stupid

Eating alone at your college dining hall isn't weird, amiright?

its important to be alone sometimes

Never assume you must be right just because you can't be proven wrong, amirite?

yes ma'm. you may just be stubborn after all and ppl just might not wanna deal w your crap

memories are sharp as razors, amirite?!

of course not, do you even remember your own childhood? i only have lke 4 memories of mines

In some situations, there is no such thing as almost. Amirite?

well, yeah some lol

love the rain

Google> Yahoo, amirite?
When you're watching 'Are you Smarter Than A Fifth Grader' you can't answwr most of the questions yourself, amirite?

yeah, what the hell is the capital of idaho