Atheist have no moral high ground, because according to Atheism, such a thing doesn't exist.
@faceman Natural selection doesn't apply to groups, it only applies to the individual. Altruistic behavior is hardly...

You're kidding right? Evolution doesn't apply to groups because you have declared it so. Fine
It doesn't have to.
Are you saying it's not possible to have more than one person inclined to work together? What about family? Do you kill the baby so you don't have to feed it or do you just eat it because it's an advantage to you not to hunt?
Would families not produce offspring with similar tendencies and have it reinforced once they see the benefits? Who do you think has better odds. One guy alone or a family sharing the load?

Is there no scenario you can imagine where people would recognize the benefits of being part of a group?

Social behavior would easily be favored and homo sapiens are not the only animals to form social groups.
Dogs were selectively bred from wolves by selecting desirable traits with each generation becoming more human compatible until you have an essentially different animal.

I don't have a problem not knowing how the universe started. That is not a good reason to believe in magical beings. There are lots of things I live with not knowing, however, on a quantum scale things pop in and out of existence all the time.

Believing in your God means you are Atheistic toward all other Gods.

Suppressing knowledge of God and pretending to be smarter than you really are, is what makes one an atheist. :)

What makes one an Atheist is not believing in the existence of a personal God/creator. That's it. Period.
I don't suppress God and how do you "pretend" to be smart?
Oh, you mean by pretending to know things you don't
like what happens when you die or how the universe began.

I felt compelled to renew / extend my NRA membership
@Budwick You seem to have a flippant attitude toward abortion. I wonder if a little information might awaken you to the...

It took from the fall of the Roman Empire until Columbus landed in America (1300 yrs.) to add 200 million to the population. Now it takes 3 yrs.
The population has tripled in my lifetime.

Even if that were not the case I wouldn't force anyone to have a child. It's not my decision to make. What happened to freedom of choice? What gives you the right to impose your religious beliefs?

Do you think women should be forced to have children?

Thanks for clearing that up.


Is it the greatest country because of Capitalism or in spite of it?
How many times do I have to say it? What you call socialism is actually state capitalism.
I'm not sure anyone is trying to escape from Denmark or Norway.

The term "American exceptionalism" has it's origins in the fact that it's the only place Capitalism has worked at all. It's been tried and failed in many places but the US was the exception to the rule.
The reason it worked here (just barely) was an abundance of resources coupled with 150 year labor shortage.
If not for slavery we never could have challenged British domination of the textile trade. That took us into the industrial revolution with lots of room to expand as long as we got rid of the natives.
Even with mass immigration brought on by tales of streets paved with gold, miserable conditions in Europe and the end of slavery it wasn't enough. That kept wages rising.

And still it took massive efforts to get decent working conditions and things like a 40 hr week.
After the Civil War the idea of trading labor for wages was considered just another form of slavery. It was even called wage slavery. Probably because it is. Instead of being sold as property you rent yourself to the "plantation owner" who much prefers wage slavery because the slaves provide their own food, clothing, etc. and he has no original investment.
What was said about someone working for wages was: "You can respect who he is but not what he does"

Capitalism is a system of the commodification and exploitation of everything to exhaustion or collapse.
That includes people. That's why they changed "personnel" to "human resources"
That's not resources FOR humans it's humans AS resources.

There's another catch. Capitalism and democracy cannot co-exist. That's why 90% of the population has no influence whatsoever on govt. policy

Is this the best we can do?

Do Conservatives Like the Taste of Bullshit?
@Budwick I guess if I were you I would back away from Hillary too. How many Benghazi investigations were there? Yeah...

All needed? More like all bullshit. What you discovered was there was nothing to discover. 9 times there was nothing.
The email thing was more bullshit. Wasted time and money just like the debt ceiling bullshit, the birther bullshit, the India trip bullshit, the Jade Helm bullshit and breaking the filibuster record with 2 years left.

Conservatives have been wrong about absolutely everything.
Cutting taxes will create jobs, deregulation will create jobs,Gay marriage will destroy the country, Iraq will welcome us as liberators, Obama will take your guns, Sarah Palin is presidential material, George Zimmerman was a good guy.

Poorly informed? You mean like the 24% of republicans who still think Hussein was involved in 9/11? Or the 40% who think Obama was born in Kenya? Or the 63% who think Obama raised taxes?Or maybe the entire right who think SS is bankrupt, AGW is a hoax, crime has increased and the Earth is 6000 years old.
Oh no, that would be misinformed.
Like thinking Trump is a straight talker.

The Corporate Media is Smearing Bernie Sanders . . . . Again.
He Scares the Establishment to Death
@Anonymousmouse and sanders is better? he may not have committed crimes like Hilary, but hs economic views and social views are...

So country's like Canada, Finland, Germany, etc. can have healthcare and college but in the "The greatest country in the world" it's fairyland? Even Russia has universal healthcare.
We pay twice as much as anyone else with worse results.
People in other countries don't go bankrupt if they get sick.
Only ion the US.

Fairyland? Zero grounds in reality? Yeah right. Tell that to Denmark or Sweden or France or Italy or Spain or Japan or

How well do you handle changes in your personal life?

That's all? I don't to bore anyone with details but those don't hold a candle so I'd say I handle change very well.

Do Conservatives Like the Taste of Bullshit?
@Budwick Progressive popularized the concept "The severity of the allegation requires investigation / arrest / suspension /...

Do you ever bother to read the articles or just the headlines?

Those are nothing but unfounded accusations of the author, Roger Stone and Ben Carson. All of which are speculation as to some supposed hidden meaning of an email that asks for a $3 donation to cover costs and specifically non-violent protest.
Nothing whatsoever about paid protest.

Then it goes on to state, at least, some reality.

In August, Trump issued a warning to protesters at his rallies, “I don’t know if I’ll do the fighting myself, or if other people will.” In November, he said a protester who disrupted one of his events “should have been roughed up.” Then, in February, he clearly went over the top by saying, in regards to a protester, “I’d like to punch him in the face.” Then in February, he managed to top the previous statement by telling a rally, “If you see somebody getting ready to throw a tomato, knock the crap out of them. . . . I promise you, I will pay for the legal fees.”

Paid protesters are just one more of Trump's imagined conspiracies.

Kellyanne Conway is like Ann Coulter without the empathy.
I just love alternative facts.

Things I do not believe: • Foreigners are to blame for our problems • Science is liberal propaganda • Education is for people who can afford it • Rich people work harder than poor people • If you don't have enough money for food you are either lazy or a stoner • People with money can lead because they've proven how smart they are • We should punishing people for using drugs • Healthcare is only for people who can afford it
@StarzAbove I agree Vic, rich people look down their noses at the poor, thinking that they are lazy and won't work. When in...

The people who make the most contribute the least and they actually believe they are genetically superior. They were born to rule over the masses.


No, not very just tit for tat.

Do Conservatives Like the Taste of Bullshit?
@Budwick You asked - "where does the violence come from?" It comes from the paid protesters!

Odd, I didn't see any of them cold cocking anyone and I certainly didn't hear anyone telling them to punch people or offering to cover their legal fees.
Paid protesters? Really? You actually think they had to pay protesters? If they did don't you think there would be a lot more of them?
Do you think Trump's African American was paid?

What's Killing the American Dream?
@ozzyboy American government, unions and the liberal whiners are killing the good jobs in America that make the American...

illegals and refugees are not the same thing. Illegals are not eligible for govt programs.
I understand your point and agree for the most part but I think you';re focusing on the mouse in the bread box when there's a bear in the pantry.
Public assistance programs are dwarfed by corporate welfare a.k.a. military spending and tax credits.
In 2001 the Pentagon had undocumented expenses totaling 2.3 trillion dollars. They don't what happened to 2.3 trillion
Virtually all R&D is done with public funds but all profits from the technology are private. When pharma says they spent millions developing a drug they really did. It just wasn't out of their pocket.
Agriculture and oil also cost a fortune in subsidies. The US Navy protects oil shipments 24/7 and we pick up the tab.

They say that for 30 billion a year we could end world hunger. If we did that we probably wouldn't even need a military because who would fuck with the people who ended world hunger?
It would certainly fair much better against terrorism than Obama's asinine drone program where for every one we kill we create 10 and it would probably cut down illegal immigration as well.
All for a measly 30B.


Why would you want to speak at this rally? The only reason I can see is confrontation which never goes well. It would be like a Dallas fan at a Giants rally and after seeing some of the NRA ads I would be skeptical of having you speak and I'm about as anti-censorship as it gets.

They are giving you the opportunity to have your own rally and they'll even help.
Equal time IS your freedom of speech.
What more could you ask for?

I think the school just wants to avoid trouble.

Should Trump Resign?

So you don't like democrats treating Trump like republicans treated Obama. Good, neither do I.
Now maybe you can explain how that's relevant.

The idea that Trump bombed Syria defending Obama's line in the sand is at least as preposterous as 3M illegals voting but it shows the desperate lengths Trump supporters will go to in defense of his stupidity, ignorance and most of all his corruption.

Meanwhile he signs an EO for govt contractors to "buy and hire American" that includes "whenever possible".
which is meaningless bullshit

we all know if there wasn't something very damning in his tax returns we would have them already.

What has he done to help working Americans?
Absolutely nothing but he has time to play golf every weekend at $3M= a pop.
It must be exhausting to keep coming up with excuses for incompetence.