What is the coolest way to handle a man hitting on your girlfriend/wife?

Let her handle it. Women are very adept at shutting men down.

The real answer is the Sun dried up one of the esses.

Behind every great fortune is a great crime.


Here we go again. The "love it or leave it" gambit. The standard dodge when there are no scripted answers that apply.
So I take it you think the country is just perfect the way it is and you would change nothing.
The bankers and Enron earned their bonuses and inside trading isn't theft. They aren't crooks they're "job creators".
It's obvious you know little if anything about socialism other than left over cold war rhetoric.
like I said before, what you call socialism is actually state capitalism and is unrelated to socialism.
I imagine you know even less about Communism since you think the terms are interchangeable.

Capitalism is still the most wasteful and destructive system known to man. It rewards corruption and deceit while it stifles innovation and technology.

When people get a lot of money from things they don't produce it means there are people who must produce a lot of things for money they don't get.

Bush Kept us Safe?

You may not be a Bush fan but do you really accept the official tale? That story has more holes in it than Albert Hall.
It was obviously controlled demolition.

Capitalism is the Great Filter.

Two people trading is Mercantilism and Corporatism, a.k.a Fascism, is the virtual opposite of socialism and the direct result of capitalism.

Saudi Crown Prince: Saudi Arabia Has Funded 20% of Hillary Clinton's Presidential Campaign "With Full Enthusiasm"
OK Mr. President, we get you don't like the media and most of that contempt is well deserved. But give it a rest in front of the kids.

What does my financial status have to do with whether or not Trump is incompetent?
I accept the vote. That doesn't mean I have to like it and the only whiners are Trump and his supporters crying about how unfairly he's being treated by the media because they keep QUOTING HIM.

Survey says: Over 70% of polled doctors think Hillary's health is a serious issue
@Budwick You may be underplaying the seriousness of her illness. They haven't shared whether it's bacterial or viral...

You may be right. So what happens if Hillary is sidelined? Do they pass the baton to Bernie, does it go to TK or do they have another primary?
Why do I get the feeling that the outcome has already been decided and all this stuff is just window dressing?

If we Had the Ability to Provide Health Care for Everyone Should we do it?
I believe in teaching abstinence to teens. How about you?

Just say no?? That's your solution?
Because it's worked so well in the past?

I think with the new tax bill the typical American household, two parents, two kids, a few limited liability partnerships, a couple of individual real estate LLC’s, and three or four investment vehicles throwing off streams of passive income, will be doing quite well.
@Budwick Yeah, if you live in one of those blue, high state tax states, your federal tax decrease may get gobbled up. But...

You realize those "cuts" disappear in 10 years and then we all pay more while corporate cuts and inheritance taxes are permanent.
Welcome to the new dynasty.

Do you think women should be forced to have children?
Do you think women should be forced to have children?
@JerryHendrickson You didn't even answer the poll question yourself? My guess would be that you're okay with abortion right up until...

I didn't realize answering the poll was a requirement for having an opinion.
Your guess would be wrong.
You might as well ask questions since you can't answer them.
Cognitive dissonance I expect.