Capitalism is the most destructive economic system know to man. It benefits the few at the cost of the many.
The only reason it worked in the US for as long as it did was 150 year labor shortage. The only result Capitalism is capable of producing is Fascism.

What do You Know? Obama Didn't Become a Dictator
@Budwick Urwut - maybe you know less about all this than you think. I'm not ALLOWED to use private insurance once qualified...

I hear that and you're right. I wasn't aware that once you qualify for medicare you couldn't get out of it. You're right about something else too. That sucks.

Is it really that difficult to be rich? Why?

It's hard because there's heavy duty competition and you have to compete with the 3-6% of the population who lack the ability to empathize and are willing to do things most are not.
The world is ruled by, at best, sociopaths if not full on psychopaths.

Do Conservatives Like the Taste of Bullshit?
Would you Call an Economic System That Allows one Person to Amass $100 Billion While 63% of the Population Couldn't Handle a $500 Emergency Successful?
@Maze Free market capitalism is the most successful economic system yet developed because it is based on human nature...

Yeah, I know how the system is supposed to work.
You left out a few pieces of the puzzle.
In order for a market economy to work it requires well educated consumers making rational choices. Advertising ensures we have neither.

Wall St is nothing but a Ponzi scheme that contributes nothing of value to the society it feeds on.
The capital economy is based on cyclical consumption and waste. It's the exploitation of resources (including human resources) to exhaustion or collapse for short term gain regardless of the effects on society, the economy or the environment. External costs are left for society to deal with and are tallied in lives as well as dollars.

There isn't a single ecosystem on the planet that is not in a serious state of decline. It's killing us all and they know it.

Was the election rigged?
@Seonag Rather than take your word for it, I'll wait for the State and now the Feds to investigate that and report their...

A wise decision. I wouldn't take my word for it either The odd thing is they aren't supposed to use machines in a recount. They're supposed to be hand counted.

I'm Puzzled. Do Democrats Not Believe The Hillary Server and The Destruction Of Emails Story? Or, Do They Not Care?
@Budwick What school of economics did you go to? The one that said Obamacare would work just fine? The one that said the...

What school of economics did I go to?
The one based in reality. Why do you ask?
Which one did you go to? the one that said tax cuts and deregulation will create jobs, that a deregulated market will produce fair distribution? The one that thinks a CEO is worth $150,000 an hour?

Show me where I'm wrong.

You didn't have a problem with a stimulus when Bush did it and it was a good idea but it was gutted by republicans when Obama did it.and it wasn't enough.
A part of the dumbest idea in history, the one term agenda, no doubt.

And SHE is on THEIR payroll

How do you separate Wall St. from investors?

Main Stream Media Is Broken. What Can Be Done To Fix It?

The media is controlled by the corporate elite either by direct ownership or through advertising.
Any notion of a liberal media and a forth estate was obliterated with deregulation in the 90s.

In the age of information overload finding the truth requires considerable effort. True independent sources have limited funds and they're buried in a pile of bullshit.
The truth is protected by army of lies.

Conservatives have lost it. How anyone could think these lunatics are presidential material is a mystery. Amirite?
@Budwick No Urwutus, you're putting words in my mouth. I never said the climate isn't changing. In fact, the climate has...

The left has been claiming global cooling, global warming, climate change for decades.
Yes, and guess what's happening.
Maybe we should go back to using leaded gas and paint and see what happens

What is it you think I want that 'corporate fascists also want?
Deregulation, "free trade", Right to work (for less), promote fossil fuel, defund govt programs, AGW denial, illegal abortion, no capital gains tax, military spending (aka corporate welfare), no collective bargaining etc

everything conservatives want is right in line with the corporate wish list while 35 years of conservative economic policy has created the largest transfer of wealth in history

Mitch McConnell and the Laziest Senate in History

We're definitely on the same page. It gets more ridiculous by the day and
I get the feeling this will not end well. I hope I'm wrong

Is Trump Making America Great??
When he Said Make America Great Again What do you Suppose he Really Meant?

I don't think we need to resemble any country although if I had to pick one I'd say Denmark. If what we have now is the best we can do we're screwed

I don't get the Mars thing and what's with Elon Musk shooting a car into space?
I read that Coors was developing a process to brew quality beer on Mars.
I think they should do that here first.

Was the election rigged?
@Seonag LOL - you have no sources that millions are denied the right to vote, unless you are including NON-US citizens in...

I don't keep notes and it's not my job to educate you. Besides, I don't care if you believe it or not. You're welcome to be as misinformed as you like

A 20% tax on imports to pay for the wall

I understand that it's not legal but does it not make sense that it would take the criminal element out of the market, give police more time to handle crimes
with actual victims.
I'm 64. I don't have to do drugs I just have to stand up really fast.
I'm at the point where if I have to bend down to tie my shoe I try to think if there's anything else I need to do while I'm down there