I've followed Bernie since he called out Greenspan but he does something very strange when asked a question.
He answers it.
In English.

He's the only straight shooter in the race and if this country has any brains at all we'll put him in the WH

innuendo: An Italian enema

What Would it Take to Convince You Trump was a Mistake?
@StarzAbove I was convinced before he was elected. He's a con man, says what his supporters want to hear, and they eat it up...

I'm not so sure. I would have thought it was blatantly obvious at this point but if they haven't figured it out yet I wonder if they ever will.

If you could wave a magic wand and stop any one thing, what would you stop?


Trump is the Laziest President in History
@PhilboydStudge I would not be comfortable saying that because I don't have the required information.. namely, how lazy the rest of...

Obama's 1st year 26 days
Bush's 1st year 44 days
Reagans 1st year 58 days
Clinton's 1st year 34 days
He's also on pace to spend more money on vacation in his 1st year than Obama spent in 8 years

Was the election rigged?
@JustJimColo And the facts are?... Blogs, commentaries by "journalists and all the other propaganda doesn't count. If there were...

Well, voter suppression is certainly a fact. At least 1.2 million were illegally removed from the rosters and the reduced number of voting stations in largely Black areas had some waiting in line for 8 hours. Voter ID is a fact as well.

Can Money Buy You Happiness?

Happiness is an inside job.

Just now, for the first time ever, I 'liked' and retweeted @realDonaldTrump. Credit where credit is due. This was the first tweet I have read from POTUS that made me proud of him. I hope it is not the last.

Wow. He can read? I wonder how many takes they did. I bet if you asked him after the speech he wouldn't remember a single word he said.

Was the election rigged?
@Anonymousmouse not by russia, but the recount Hilary held exposed some voter fraud done by the democrats

Voter fraud is virtually nonexistent. 4 cases in the last decade with no convictions
Clinton didn't call for a recount and Stein's recounts were derailed.
On the other hand, millions were denied their right to vote due to the crosscheck program, voter ID and the reduction of voting stations. All tactics employed by republicans.

Was the election rigged?
@Sukiesnow I think it was. That is the first conclusion I came to but I shrugged it off as being too simple.

Voter suppression that targeted minorities was very real. Dayton, Ohio on "souls to the polls Sunday", a traditional Black voter mass turnout, had one voting station open. People who could afford to take the time waited in line for 8 hours.

If you Discovered Free Energy?

More likely some type of sadistic religious zealotry. The Mother Theresa syndrome.
Only in America.

What is important to remember before beginning any home reno.

no matter how many times you go over it or what percentages you add it's always going to take longer and cost more than you think

Will 9/11 ever be investigated?

Physics has gaps in knowledge but in general is very much certain.
( Except for 9/11 when its laws, according to officials, were apparently suspended.)