What is something that you think is unfair?

It's the system. That's how Capitalism works

FCC Chairman Mocks Those Concerned About the Repeal of 2015 Net Neutrality Regulations
@OzSurfer It sounds like a great idea if you are able to do that. I thought that the US had over 400 cable internet...

There are a lot but almost all are owned by one of six conglomerates. There is no competition.

I've heard Europe has faster speeds at lower cost

Is Trump Making America Great??
@Sukiesnow While I'm no advocat I have heard he's decreased the unemployment rate in the US.

Trump is taking credit for it but had nothing to do with it. Even his Carrier deal was a joke that cost taxpayers thirteen million.

Was the election rigged?

I agree. Elections are the illusion of freedom. There really isn't a choice. It always come down to who you dislike least.

Sexual abuse in any form is outrageous and very hurtful to those involved. Al Franken is the latest one to be accused of touching a woman's behind. And some are saying he should resign. What a load of crap. He shouldn't have done it, but Trump has done much worse, sexually abusing MANY women, grabbing their genitals and he is now President. And Trump has the nerve to talk about Franken. And now we have this creep from Alabama doing much worse things than Al Franken did and with teenage girls and some of his supporters don't care, they are going to vote for him anyway. Where's the justice in this?

I'm not so sure. In light of the crap that falls out of his mouth I think it takes more than stubbornness to still stand behind such a despicable, and I use this term in the broadest possible sense, human being.

Every time I see him on TV I just want to smack the shit out of him. Especially when he gives that smug "Martin Shkreli" smirk.

(In my best Georgia accent)
He is a skunk and a scoundrel of the first order and I disapprove of his very existence

Donald Trump's speech on foreign policy. I'm impressed.

Impressed? By what? It's the same crap that always comes out of his mouth. He doesn't say anything about how any of it will actually be accomplished.
Just more BS like the wall Mexico is going to pay for.

Everything happens for a reason even if we don't understand that reason.

There's always a reason it's just not always a good one

By 2050 There Will be More Plastic Than Fish in the Ocean
Trump is the Laziest President in History

Translation: I have nothing

Our Current President Should HAVE To Show The Results Of A Recent IQ Test!

We already know he's not very sharp.
He speaks at a fourth grade level and I'm not sure he can spell IQ.


Of course they should but they have plenty of company.
Nestle is one of the worst and it's damn near impossible to avoid buying their stuff. The list of companies they own is mind boggling.
But as far as the market goes nobody cares how the shares go up as long as they go up.
One of the blessings of a market economy, life is cheap.Just another resource to be exploited to exhaustion or collapse.

Another sham investigation led by 'Mr. Tax Fraud', himself. How many witnesses were not interviewed?Hmmm....I think there was about forty in the last count I saw. So yes, ladies and gentlemen, we have two perverts now in the position of government power, little Donnie Trump, and little Bart K. Two spoiled brats who not only feel entitled but obviously don't know what "Fuck off your creep!" means. November can't come fast enough for me.

The fact is polls show and have shown Americans are in favor of progressive ideas by a substantial margin and have been for many years.

What makes someone a good person?

Nobody ever told them that no good deed goes unpunished?

Yet another incident of senseless violence that could have been prevented and, again, nothing will be done. It cracks me up that our illustrious leader has deemed mental illness as the issue and not sensible gun control. Especially since his EO repeal of regulations made it easier for the mentally ill to buy guns.

Has Trump grown a mustache? Too bad he can't grow some brains.
@StarzAbove The only reason this uranium crap is out there now, is because Trump is afraid that Mueller is closing in on him...

I know. It's another Benghazi. The master of distraction is losing support, finally, so he wants to gather his base.
It's scary to think he still has 37% approval but, then again, as a country we're not very bright.