FCC Chairman Mocks Those Concerned About the Repeal of 2015 Net Neutrality Regulations
@OzSurfer Ah I see. Yes I’ve heard that too about Europe. They also have the advantage of a small physical land mass...

I could be wrong but I don't think it's the distance. I think it's the Milton Friedman business model. Provide the worst service you can get away with at whatever the market will bear.

have liberals gone fully mad? seems like it, especially this past month here is what matt Damon said in short; make the punishment fit the crime. and liberal nazi's are loosing their collective heads over it.

Whoever is upset over his remarks is an idiot.

I never get lost. People are always telling me where to go.

Perfect response to the hubris of anonymity.

Do you think our government had a hand in 9/11?
@JerryHendrickson Was? It's still under investigation.

By who? (or is that whom)
The NIST and Commission reports were final conclusions. There are no official investigations that I'm aware of.
If there are after 16 years would you call it proper?

The fact is it was never properly investigated. The NIST and commission reports are a joke just like their computer model of the collapse which looks nothing like what happened
If you saw this thing unfold it was bullshit on top of bullshit starting right from the beginning with finding not one but two of the hijackers passports on the sidewalk outside the towers and 400 trucks a day removing evidence from the scene of a crime. That's a felony. (Not the passports removing evidence.)
I couldn't believe they expected people to buy the passport story.It was a dead give away of what was to come.

4.5 Billion year old Earth is a better explanation than 6,000 year old Earth, amirite?
@vegan You mean Deism creationism, in the sense God set up the universe and then let natural processes take over...

Creation states that God made the world as it exists with all life created in it's present state.
Evolution and creation cannot coexist

Cleavage says: Look at Me...

It doesn't say look at me it says look at my tits.

As long as the earth has had climate, it has been changing!

Give me one example of public pressure getting a company to clean its mess without going through govt
How long does it take for public opinion to affect change?
Did the fact that 14 year old girls were working 80 hours a week assembling electronics for $38 a month keep anyone from buying an iPhone?

The idea that a free market produces the best product at the best price is hogwash especially since the end of the Sherman anti-trust act. It produces planned obsolescence and imaginary prosperity.

@PhilboydStudge Today soldiers, we'll be testing your ability to survive a nuclear explosion. Any questions? Yes, you private...

A really scary thing is that before the first test they didn't know if the chain reaction would stop or keep going and destroy the world.

And they did it anyway.
Insane is the rule rather than the exception.

Saudi Crown Prince: Saudi Arabia Has Funded 20% of Hillary Clinton's Presidential Campaign "With Full Enthusiasm"

This is no surprise. Hilary is a low life for sure. The problem is the alternative is a megalomaniacal con man who will ostracize the rest of the world.
I'm at a loss. I can't see myself voting for either one.

If i had More than a few babies/ children and lost just one through the process of pregnancy, the loss of one is still too many to lose. I don't know how one can abort their child doesn't matter the circumstances.
Am I the only one who thinks that strippers and porn stars earn way too much money? There's a lot of stress involved of course but there are people who struggle to feed their families working more than one job who deserve way more money. Stripclubs promote the idea of objectifying women and the girls and the establishment they work for get paid heavily for it. I understand the girls are comfortable with their bodies and their sexuality but it doesn't give the job any prestige whatsoevern

Instead of preaching that strippers make too much you should be talking about everyone else who makes too little.
The highest paid people in this country produce nothing of any real value. Bankers, CEOs, insurance companies and Wall St. are useless to the society they bleed dry. The piece of dogshit from Wells Fargo got a $120 million parachute for bilking his customers and that low life Shkreli (?), the pharma leech, should be in jail.
If you think stripping is easy go for it.

When there are people who get a lot of money from things they don't produce there are people who produce a lot of things for money they don't get.

Will he or won't he? That is the question. Although Trump has said he wants to be interviewed by Special Counsel Mueller, will he do so or will he back out, as usual? Care to comment?
@StarzAbove You nailed it Chris. His lawyers will try to stop him, but we all know that Trump won't listen to anyone. He...

The problem with that is we then get Pence and given the choice I think I'd rather have Trump. He's less competent.

Please post your favorite 'reefer' song

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Please post your favorite 'reefer' song
Please post your favorite 'reefer' song