You guys crack me up.
What you're saying is either all women are the same or there are no women attracted to money. Both typically dumbass RW, sexist remarks
What I have is not a low opinion of women, it's a good grip on reality.
I'd say you should try it but you probably wouldn't like it.
My low opinion is of Trump.

Besides, according to Trump and the deluded, all these women are lying.
Or are you saying Trump is irresistible to women?

More likely it's an intended blind alley which, in reality, is an epic example of trolling fail.

We've learned SO much from 911.... We've learned how to love and hug people again. Amirite?

Yeah, we learned how stupid most Americans are, bought the 2nd biggest load of bullshit ever told and fucked up the entire world. We learned how to create terrorists and turn the US into a third world country.
The funniest part is there are still people who think the laws of physics were suspended that day.

FCC Chairman Mocks Those Concerned About the Repeal of 2015 Net Neutrality Regulations
@OzSurfer We used to only have one, but a few years ago the Government deregulated the industry now they're everywhere. No...

Interesting. Where I am there is no choice.
I was considering the possibility of organizing locals to get a community ISP.
I heard they did it in Chattanooga and it's supposedly cheaper and faster.

What’s a world event that you have lived through, that sticks in your mind?

Cuban Missile crisis
Kennedy assassination
Moon landing
Viet Nam

4.5 Billion year old Earth is a better explanation than 6,000 year old Earth, amirite?
@Maze When I look at the beauty and order of the natural world, it's hard for me to believe it wasn't intended to be this...

I understand your point but creation is a non sequitur.
I'm not saying there is no creator. I'm saying there's no good reason to believe there is. Frankly, creation, like life after death, is the hubris of humanity rearing its egotistical head.

Superstition is belief in supernatural causality like a magical being who wished the universe into existence.
It's a belief in things that defy natural law, the laws of physics

Creation is born of the fear that life has no meaning. That human life must have a purpose. That we're special.
Well, what if we aren't? Would it matter? Would you live your life any differently if it wasn't toward some grander scheme other than just getting through it? I wouldn't. I don't.

There is also the possibility that we might just be planet cancer. We replicate uncontrollably, spread across the entire planet and turn healthy ecosystems into polluted dead zones everywhere we go.

Again, does it matter?

Please tell me using your own words and in one sentence, what Republicans or Democrats stand for...

I don't have my own words. I use the same ones as everyone else.

Is Revolution Brewing in the US?

I agree that tax cuts can stimulate demand when given to the middle class but when 80% of the cuts go to the 1% the cost in cutting social programs and expanding the wealth gap is not worth it.

I think they should call capital gains what they used to be called: unearned income. It's far more accurate.
Why should money from actual work be taxed higher than money from contributing nothing of any real value to society?

Was it tax cuts that stimulated the economy under Reagan or was it increased military spending and low interest rates?
There was little to no productivity growth even though economic growth was up so the rich got much richer while most Americans saw little economic change.
Granted he came in on the end of a recession but the spurt in productivity was years later.

Kennedy was a totally different world.

Cutting taxes when taxes are high can increase revenue with a larger base but when taxes are already low it doesn't work especially in global economy
Those capital gains and excessive compensation will go to buying back their own stock to inflate the price or into a hedge fund.

Do you realize that Gates, Buffet and Bessos now own as much as half the country and 1/10th of 1% own more than the bottom 90%? You don't see a problem there with the distribution of wealth?
Is anything resembling democracy even possible?
I don't see how.

Elections are are already just an illusion of choice.
You're free to choose one of these people we've chosen for you.

If you really want the economy to recover it's really simple. Instead of giving money to people who don't need it and expanding an already bloated military budget put it into infrastructure with local contractors. I would gives odds the economy will be booming in two years.
Money only works when it moves. That's why it uses aquatic terminology. Currency, cash flow, liquid assets yadda yadda

FCC Chairman Mocks Those Concerned About the Repeal of 2015 Net Neutrality Regulations
Should Bingo be considered an Olympic sport? Can you name anything else which might be considered... How about Knitting?

only if it's full contact Bingo

Will he or won't he? That is the question. Although Trump has said he wants to be interviewed by Special Counsel Mueller, will he do so or will he back out, as usual? Care to comment?

Lying to the FBI would be one of his lesser crimes.

I have the good fortune of not being very hirsute.
Since I hate shaving and have no desire to grow facial hair it works for me.
I don't even have sideburns.

What changes when we enter a free trade agreement? How is it different to trading without a free trade agreement?

So called "free trade" has litt;e to do with actual trade and allows large corporations to exploit cheap labor, resources and the environment. it's why nothing is made in the `US anymore

Is Trump afraid of Bernie Sanders?
@Maze So in other words you can't disagree with what I said, but aren't comfortable admitting it.

Just to start we are already one of the most socialist countries in the world.
The police department? Socialism. Fire dept.? Socialism
Medicare. Social security, FHA, VA, FDIC, the interstate, Hoover Dam,Grand Canyon, public school, water works, GI Bill all socialism.

We pay double what the rest of the industrial world pays for health care with no better results.
People go bankrupt and lose everything they've worked a lifetime for because someone gets sick.
Then you wonder why half the country is in poverty.

Young people are killing and being killed in order to pay for college and still graduate buried in debt.
That's not freedom.
The question is why are you so against it?
A healthy, well educated population is a benefit to us all.
The difference

You might want to look into Trump's "truth" too.

TRUMP Clinton Sanders
True 2% 23% 15%
Mostly-True 6% 27% 38%
Half-True 15% 21% 17%
Mostly-False 15% 16% 17%
False 62% 13% 13%

If you Discovered Free Energy?
Why sloth is so sloth? Slow, it is a pure arboreal animal. It find it self helpless when it is flat on the earth. Even a turtle is faster than it! If evolution is working for betterment than what a sloth gained so far? Disadvantage. It cant ever protect it self or less than other animal. Slowness with a big body and not even powerful! a turtle is little in size and atleast have something to protect it self a shield.

Apparently evolution sees it differently as they've been here longer than we have.