I'm Puzzled. Do Democrats Not Believe The Hillary Server and The Destruction Of Emails Story? Or, Do They Not Care?

So it's better to have a narcissistic snake oil salesman who thinks the election is rigged unless he wins, runs a scam "university", uses charitable donations for personal gain,assaults women, wonders why we don't use nukes and thinks climate change is a hoax?
Let's keep in mind that, as a group, you thought Sarah Palin was WH material too.

Trump is a train wreck looking for a place to happen.


Of course they should but they have plenty of company.
Nestle is one of the worst and it's damn near impossible to avoid buying their stuff. The list of companies they own is mind boggling.
But as far as the market goes nobody cares how the shares go up as long as they go up.
One of the blessings of a market economy, life is cheap.Just another resource to be exploited to exhaustion or collapse.

What makes someone a good person?

Nobody ever told them that no good deed goes unpunished?

Yet another incident of senseless violence that could have been prevented and, again, nothing will be done. It cracks me up that our illustrious leader has deemed mental illness as the issue and not sensible gun control. Especially since his EO repeal of regulations made it easier for the mentally ill to buy guns.

What is important to remember before beginning any home reno.

no matter how many times you go over it or what percentages you add it's always going to take longer and cost more than you think

Is There Such a Thing as Common Sense Anymore?

So the question is: Is common sense common?

Has Trump grown a mustache? Too bad he can't grow some brains.
@StarzAbove The only reason this uranium crap is out there now, is because Trump is afraid that Mueller is closing in on him...

I know. It's another Benghazi. The master of distraction is losing support, finally, so he wants to gather his base.
It's scary to think he still has 37% approval but, then again, as a country we're not very bright.

I never get lost. People are always telling me where to go.

Perfect response to the hubris of anonymity.

Do you think our government had a hand in 9/11?
@JerryHendrickson Was? It's still under investigation.

By who? (or is that whom)
The NIST and Commission reports were final conclusions. There are no official investigations that I'm aware of.
If there are after 16 years would you call it proper?

The fact is it was never properly investigated. The NIST and commission reports are a joke just like their computer model of the collapse which looks nothing like what happened
If you saw this thing unfold it was bullshit on top of bullshit starting right from the beginning with finding not one but two of the hijackers passports on the sidewalk outside the towers and 400 trucks a day removing evidence from the scene of a crime. That's a felony. (Not the passports removing evidence.)
I couldn't believe they expected people to buy the passport story.It was a dead give away of what was to come.

@DandyDon I said "working on the line" not talking about managers or whatever and those jobs are far and few. You're right...

I wasn't talking about managers either. Why shouldn't minimum wage be enough to afford a house and car? It's not an economic law that it has to be below the poverty line. It's not like investors, you know the people who contribute nothing, wouldn't still profit.

If minimum wage had kept pace with production it would be $21/hr.
Bezos makes almost $9 million an hour. $9,000,000 an hour???
And he doesn't even have to show up.
How do you square that circle?
At that rate I wonder how long it will be before he owns everything
Why shouldn't someone working full time be able to have a decent life?

Has Everyone in this Country Taken leave of their Senses?
@ozzyboy If the media did it's job and exposed all the rotteness, like birddogging the Trump rallies, perhaps there would be...

It's rigged unless Trump wins. Does that about cover it?
Do you realize how ridiculous that sounds?
This election is no more rigged than any election since 2000.
If anyone was going to rig anything wouldn't it have been a lot easier to rig the primaries?

Will 9/11 ever be investigated?

I can virtually guarantee that if you re-examine the evidence there will be no doubt in your mind that it was controlled. The amount of evidence now available is truly overwhelming. Enough to scare the snot out of anyone.

They were renovating the security systems and elevators for 10 months prior to 9/11 and had access to the elevator shafts & core
They also have remotes for charges so direct wiring isn't necessary.

The #1 demo expert in the world said there was no doubt bldg 7 was controlled demolition.
About 3 weeks later he died on a deserted highway when his car mysteriously hit a tree for no apparent reason.

They removed the bomb sniffing dogs 3 weeks before and had the towers totally powered down several times which had never been done before for any reason.

Saudi Crown Prince: Saudi Arabia Has Funded 20% of Hillary Clinton's Presidential Campaign "With Full Enthusiasm"

That was the plan all along. To take 7 countries in 5 years. Didn't quite work out that way but that was the plan. Bush had attack plans on his desk 2 days after 9/11. Those plans take months if not years to put together.

I don't see how anyone can look at the videos and not see controlled demolition. It's all too obvious that either explosives were used or the laws of physics were suspended.
Office fires would not collapse steel buildings even if they were fed jet fuel and burned for years. Especially those buildings.

Cleavage says: Look at Me...

It doesn't say look at me it says look at my tits.

Something can be said for girls doing stuff most of us men do. It's the whole thing about loving women who are strong. Makes for good strong offspring young strong warriors.