Something can be said for girls doing stuff most of us men do. It's the whole thing about loving women who are strong. Makes for good strong offspring young strong warriors.
@KevinBarner I have gone trouge burning buildings for people and saved alot of lives, protected kids and kept alot of people...

That's what warriors do. Make war.
But I understand your point and I think it's just a difference in definitions.
Maybe strong defenders would be a better description?

FBI gave chief actors immunity from the Federal Records Act, the Classified Information Act and the Espionage Act. They also agreed not to do a full investigation on the Clinton emails, and destroyed the computers that had the back-up emails. In effect, this constitutes is a conspiracy between the Obama DOJ (under Loretta Lynch) and the Comey-led FBI to cover up Clinton’s crimes. amirite?

They said the same thing about Donald Trump Jr.
No criminal intent.
Barr and Mnuchin just ignored congress and are in contempt.
How long would you be walking the streets if you did that?
Ivanka and Jared are using private email for govt business now with security clearance they didn't qualify for. Trump uses an unsecured phone.

Look at that piece of dog shit Epstein. 13 months and he was allowed to go to work everyday.

They keep saying no one is above the law.
That is obviously not true.

Trump is the Laziest President in History
@Budwick I get it Urwut. You are an uncommitted whiner.

I will certainly give your comment all the consideration it is due.

Will he or won't he? That is the question. Although Trump has said he wants to be interviewed by Special Counsel Mueller, will he do so or will he back out, as usual? Care to comment?

He collects the rent too.
I'm not sure it's possible to be more blatantly corrupt.

The Pope plans to addressed a joint session of Congress today and urge more action against climate change. Is this topic a good choice for a religious leader of his stature to be speaking to Congress about.

You definitely nailed that one

If i had More than a few babies/ children and lost just one through the process of pregnancy, the loss of one is still too many to lose. I don't know how one can abort their child doesn't matter the circumstances.
if you voted for hilary yet are angry at Kavenaugh then you are a hypocrite of mass proportion,
only, one actually happened (Hilary) the other is a smear campaign
@VicZinc Most people I talk to are not "angry" at Kavanaugh, they think: 1) He is unfit for a lifetime appointment to...

You left out the fact that he flat out lied or gave non-answers to many of the questions he didn't refuse to answer.

Will he or won't he? That is the question. Although Trump has said he wants to be interviewed by Special Counsel Mueller, will he do so or will he back out, as usual? Care to comment?
@StarzAbove You nailed it Chris. His lawyers will try to stop him, but we all know that Trump won't listen to anyone. He...

The problem with that is we then get Pence and given the choice I think I'd rather have Trump. He's less competent.

Please post your favorite 'reefer' song

Check this out.
YouTube video thumbnail

Would you Call an Economic System That Allows one Person to Amass $100 Billion While 63% of the Population Couldn't Handle a $500 Emergency Successful?

That is amazing. Your view of reality is so distorted you think only Trump supporters work for a living and everyone receiving assistance is lazy. You really are in the bubble.
I mean this is just incredible.
yet the likes of people like YOU who "feel" ENTITLED to have what everyone else has

Or should I say incredibly stupid.
Nobody gave me anything. I worked for it and I still work my 66 year old ass off, because I can, so you can take your "Ive had it so rough carrying the poor" victim card and stuff it.

The difference is I don't whine about how hard it was and I don't blame the poor. Why? Cause it's not their fault. Do you think people chose to be poor?

I think I should try to help since I have been fortunate enough to make it this far.
You'll spend billions killing people in the Middle East but won't cough up pocket change for fellow countrymen.
A lot of those people who can't come up with $500 are veterans and many are elderly who worked all their lives. Many had their pensions stolen by the corporate slime you support. 1 in 5 children is food insecure. In this country?
\ Yeah, it has equal opportunity written all over it.
How do you sleep?

You know who uses food stamps? Walmart employees. The largest employer in the US doesn't pay it's employees enough to survive.
Because the Walton's need another mansion so we subsidize them.

Forget about how you sleep when are you gonna wake up?

Please post your favorite 'reefer' song
Please post your favorite 'reefer' song

You guys crack me up.
What you're saying is either all women are the same or there are no women attracted to money. Both typically dumbass RW, sexist remarks
What I have is not a low opinion of women, it's a good grip on reality.
I'd say you should try it but you probably wouldn't like it.
My low opinion is of Trump.

Besides, according to Trump and the deluded, all these women are lying.
Or are you saying Trump is irresistible to women?

More likely it's an intended blind alley which, in reality, is an epic example of trolling fail.

We've learned SO much from 911.... We've learned how to love and hug people again. Amirite?

Yeah, we learned how stupid most Americans are, bought the 2nd biggest load of bullshit ever told and fucked up the entire world. We learned how to create terrorists and turn the US into a third world country.
The funniest part is there are still people who think the laws of physics were suspended that day.

For all the people over 20 years of age.. What would be your advice to someone who has turned 20?

Don't blink. Life goes by at the speed of light.