The Corporate Media is Smearing Bernie Sanders . . . . Again.
He Scares the Establishment to Death
@Anonymousmouse you have insurance in the USA do you not? no people in other countries don;t loose their homes, they just die...

That's part of the problem. I need insurance and I've seen vid before
Why do you think there's no competition? Why do you think it's illegal for the US govt to negotiate drug prices? (except for the VA).
So Socialism is only for the rich and large corporations?
Do you know that all the big banks are not profitable? The only profit they ever show is the govt subsidies they receive every year.
We subsidize oil and Pharma and every other big corporation like Walmart and Amazon. That's socialism.
Most R&D in pharma and tech is done on federal funds but somehow the patents wind up in private hands.

The banks are who Bernie is going after. Along with the corps that pay no taxes.

Have you ever talked to anyone from Canada? Nobody is waiting in line any longer than they wait here. The only ones against single payer are the pharmaceutical and insurance companies and the politicians they buy.

Is it crazy to stop perpetual war?
Is it crazy to not have people leave school buried in debt
To provide healthcare for everyone?
To see that people who work can survive ?
To have jobs for those who want to work?
It's not like we don't have things to do here

How much does it cost to bomb the ME every single day for 18 years?
And for what? So war profiteers can buy another yacht?
How much does it cost to support over 800 military bases outside the US?
The cost in military air conditioning alone is more than many developed countries economy.
But we can't afford healthcare and school?
Whatever you want to call this "economy" it's not working for most people.

Trump's booming economy? Is the slowest GDP growth since before WW2.
The stock market is booming, if you like Ponzzi schemes but that doesn't do shit for working people..
Aside from being more corrupt, Trump is no different from Obama or Bush or Clinton.

Bernie owes nothing to corporations or rich donors and he can't be bought.
That's why the DNC screwed him in 2016 and they're doing everything they can think of to crush him now.
They're afraid he'll disrupt the gravy train.
Iowa was no accident.

The Corporate Media is Smearing Bernie Sanders . . . . Again.
He Scares the Establishment to Death
@Wake up. Trump wants to run against this lunatic

Not even close. Trump is scared shitless by Bernie and so is the DNC. Corporate dems would rather reelect Trump than see Bernie in the WH. because he's un-corruptible.
They screwed him in 2016 and they're doing it again with the BS that's going on with the Iowa caucus. It's no accident that the app blew up.

99.9% of people are not inconsiderate on purpose, amirite?

inconsiderate means not to consider. If it's intentional it's automatically something else.

You Can't Teach Wisdom, amirite?
@Maze Of course wisdom can be taught, as long as the student is willing. That's the entire point of most religions, to...

I would disagree and apparently so does Confucius. How do you teach experience?
Experience is the best teacher but you get the test first and the lesson later.

First they ignore you
Then they laugh at you
Then they fight you
Then you win
Bernie Sanders 2020, amirite?
@Sanders is not likeable. And what's with that admonishing (and annoying) finger-wagging gesture?

not likable? He's the most popular politician in the country with over 2 million individual donors. More than all other candidates combined including Trump.

Do you believe in something you can't see?

There are things that can't be seen but their effects can be seen and measured. Hence the difference between wind and God.

Faith is not a desirable quality.

Scientific Study finds that up to 4 times more heat (and only 1/3rd as much moisture) enters the atmosphere when forest is cut down and converted to agriculture.
Given the fact that over half the mature forest on earth is already gone, and carbon dioxide is only about four one hundredths of one percent of the atmosphere (0.04% or 400 ppm), a trace element, it's much more plausible that the true cause of climate change is deforestation, amirite?

The fact that CO2 is a small percentage of the atmosphere does not mean it has room to grow

The Earth will be so overpopulated in the future that unique fingerprints won't exist anymore, amirite?

It's scary but in my lifetime the population has tripled.
It took from the fall of the roman empire To Columbus landing in the new world (about 1300 years) to add 200 million to the population. Now it takes three years.

There probably isn't a cookbook with recipes for a hundred or more people, amirite?

Actually there are. I have a cookbook with a recipe for stuffed camel. It's stuffed with 4 goats that are stuffed with 5 chickens among other things.

most intelligent people see themsleves as idiots, whilst people with weaker cognitive abilities often think themselves as smart and intelligent, amirite?

I don't know anything, in fact, I don't even suspect anything.

A judge giving a different ruling on the same crime just because someone has a better lawyer seems illegal, amirite?
@Toounknown Impartial is not the word... I think they become ignorant to common sence and ignore rulings they have made while...

You are talking about reality. I was leaning toward supposed to be . There are some judges who actually try to do that. And then there's most of them.


Able was I ere I saw Elba

Not as cool but palindromic Napoleon.

I thought spelling was ridiculous when I realized Einstein had that"i" before "e" thing wrong twice in his name.

If you can't say ASK you are an ignorant person who has never even finished high school. AX is not ask, amirite?

It irks me at times when people butcher the language. I think it bugs me more in text probably because it's more obvious. Like then & than, your & you're and than theirs the there's they're .

If you can't say ASK you are an ignorant person who has never even finished high school. AX is not ask, amirite?
@Lil_Princess Just because someone pronounces something different than others doesn't make them uneducated. I pronounce things...

It's not a case of different pronunciation. It's language butchery. If you were born in this country you should know how to speak the language. Pronunciation does not require that much effort. How you speak is a reflection on your education.
If you sound like an idiot people assume you are regardless of reality .