I refuse to fill in the blank for you

If you could pick absolutely anything to be your form of transportation, what would it be?


Is Revolution Brewing in the US?

In the US today 3 people own as much as the bottom 50% with 1/10 of 1% of the population owning more than the bottom 90%.

Trump is the Laziest President in History
@ozzyboy A lot of adjectives can be applied to Trump. Lazy is just not one of them.

I guess watching TV, riding golf carts and tweeting really takes it out of you. No wonder he needs so much vacation time.

Will 9/11 ever be investigated?
What Would it Take to Convince You Trump was a Mistake?

She said "We need to talk"
I heard "You need a lawyer"

What Would it Take to Convince You Trump was a Mistake?
@Carla Dont how many trump supporters you will pull to this post. They all seem like they believe everything thus far is...

Yeah, I know.
I don't see how it's possible that anyone would believe a word Trump says yet some are convinced he's the only one telling the truth. It's downright spooky.

Trump is the Laziest President in History
@PhilboydStudge I would not be comfortable saying that because I don't have the required information.. namely, how lazy the rest of...

Obama's 1st year 26 days
Bush's 1st year 44 days
Reagans 1st year 58 days
Clinton's 1st year 34 days
He's also on pace to spend more money on vacation in his 1st year than Obama spent in 8 years

How do You Get This to Fly?
@Flrdsgns Yeah, we all know those upstanding oil company executives aren't concerned with profit, they are all about safety...

They removed the requirement for meat labels to list where it's from.
They slip this stuff through while everyone is distracted by the latest tweet./

Some people get mad fast food workers are getting 15 dollars, but they have no problem with people making 600k for a 100k job. Amirite?

What's ridiculous is thinking there are jobs that require no skill, that the same opportunity to get an education exists for the poor, that the free market creates a fair distribution of wealth, that tax cuts pay for themselves with increased revenue and that trickle down works.

Why is it that when a poor person scams the system for a few bucks he's a moocher but when a rich person scams the system for millions he's a smart businessman.?

Report: Bill Clinton might not be Chelsea Clinton's biological dad WRITTEN BY SCOTT SUTTON POSTED: 07/09/2015, 09:32AM Chelsea Clinton has “secretly undergone a DNA test,” and it looks like former President Bill Clinton might not be her biological father. That’s according to a National Enquirer report released Thursday, which says that Hillary’s former law partner Webb Hubble is likely the father. An exhaustive investigation by The National Enquirer obtained “touch DNA” samples from both Chelsea and Webb Hubbell, samples that were turned over to a nationally recognized laboratory that specializes in paternity testing. A lab official confirmed that finding “does not discount the possibility” that Webb could be Chelsea’s biological dad! Keep in mind, it’s the National Enquirer, and all they are saying is that there is a “possibility” that Bill Clinton is not Chelsea’s biological father. (But, to their credit, TNE did break the John Edwards cheating scandal and was consider for a Pulitzer prize for it.) This isn’t a new theory, however. It’s actually a rumor that National Enquirer reported on almost exactly a year ago, and others have postulated for years before that. That June 30, 2014 report claimed that former Clinton aide Larry Nichols said that Bill had admitted that Hubble was indeed the father of Chelsea. You can also do a quick Google search of “Chelsea Clinton Webster Hubble” and come across some interesting image comparisons that have been out there for a while. Will this have any effect on Hillary’s campaign? Just like the DNA test, maybe or maybe not. Also, just throwing this out there, perhaps Bill was simply talking about Hillary when he said “he did not have sexual relations with that woman”? Alright, probably not.

Right, the National Enquirer. Now there's a reliable source.
It probably came right after the "I Married a Bigfoot" article

FCC Chairman Mocks Those Concerned About the Repeal of 2015 Net Neutrality Regulations

You're crackin' me up.
The flat Earthers are definitely an odd bunch

Is Trump Making America Great??
@Budwick He could be doing it much faster if you lefties would get out of the way.

In the way of what? A Muslim ban? A pitiful health care plan and an even worse budget proposal?
You want some banana to go with that republic?
What happened to jobs? What has he actually done?
Approved 2 pipelines we don't need or want, allowed coal mines to pollute the rivers in some fantasy about coal. He wants to pump the most toxic crap know to man through pipelines that always leak and break for something of no benefit to Americans.
2016 FF jobs 75,000
Renewable jobs 250,000
And it's cheaper. WTF are we doing? Going backward? So Germany is kicking our ass in wind and China in solar and we're going to bring back coal. Does that seem like a good idea to you?

Democrats don't have anything to offer but, come on, you can't tell me you don't have serious doubts about this guy.

Sometimes I think the purpose of my life is to serve as a warning to others.