The mentally challenged are the best people. They are honest and innocent. They love no matter what and would never try to hurt you. I cannot understand why people hate them. amirite?

I used to go to school with a mentally challenged boy, he used to hit girls all the time, but the teachers would let it pass because he was mentally challenged. Not all mentally challenged people are nice and innocent.

Marley and Me: The Puppy Years, kinda ruined Marley and Me. Marley and Me was a story about a family growing up with a dog, and the challenges and troubles they got into because of the dog. But The Puppy Years is sorta a ripoff of Air Buds and to top it all off they made Marley talk, amirite?

I was talking about Marley and Me: The Puppy Years, the straight to DVD one. Not Marley and Me, the cinema version.

You love Disney, amirite?
@I only like disney as a friend.

Disney and me are in a relationship but is complicated

The band Surfer Blood should be much more popular than it is. If you haven't heard them listen to them. amirite?
It surprises you when you learn that some pop stars have actual talent, like Lady Gaga, who attended NYU Tisch, (the arts school second to Julliard), and Nicki Minaj attended LaGuardia Arts High School (the Fame school). amirite?

Lady Gaga was also one of the seventeen people in the world that gained early entrance to NYU Tisch

Dear Santa, I don't want anything for Christmas except for the person reading this to have an amazing holiday, amirite?
Fiberglass splinters are worse than regular splinters, amirite?

I rolled around in fiberglass once when I was little... Never again. It took like 2 hours to take them all off.

why must the lyrics in a song repeat over and over? amirite?

The chorus, maybe?

Now that Pokemon has finally came up with creatures that looks like ice cream and trash bags, the next new ones will probably look like frying pans and toasters, amirite?

It'll probably have Pokemon inspired by eggs, balls and waste.