Non-vegan foods should be banned.

Eating meat causes animal cruelty.

"Over 99% of farm animals in the U.S. are raised in factory farms, which focus on profit and efficiency at the expense of animal welfare."

Factory farms are cruelty incarnate. By purchasing and eating meat you are encouraging this event.

Non-vegan foods should be banned.

What about respect for animals, the planet, the third world? I do not believe it is the 1st world countries right to take what ever they want and abuse it.

Let alone the children, insane, and prisoners in 1st world countries. Should children be fed hot dogs which have been proven to increase cancer risk? No way!

I joined this site just over a month ago. I joined to have intellegent conversation and debate. You give your views, i give mine. I find out why you think as you do, you gain insight on my views. Maybe not agreement, but maybe...common ground. Im sorry to say, i have not found that here. No, i take that back. I have found little here. So much venom. Name calling, ugliness. It has nothing to do with political correctness. It has to do with respect. Dont all y'all think enough is enough? If not, well, too bad. I had higher expectations of you....but thats my fault.

I've had some nice dicussions with Maze and a few others.

Non-vegan foods should be banned.

Processed meats cause cancer, WHO, the World Health Organization proved this.

Eating animal protein increases liver production of IGF-1. Elevated levels of IGF-1 increase risk of cancer.

There are other problems with meat too. Too much fat, saturated fat, and cholesterol. Meat displaces healthier foods like fruits and vegetables.

Opposites attract, so yes I agree.

Non-vegan foods should be banned.
@DandyDon The world and everything else will still suffer whether or not someone eats meat. Don't like something?,don't eat...

Here's my original post again, hopefully spacing is correct for easier reading.

I. Intro
II. Animal sentience
III. Suffering
IV. Health
V. Environment
VI. World Hunger
VII. Summary
VIII. Links

I. Intro

Hi, I'm new here, so if I perform an unintelligent deed let me know. Vegan is the best choice. Vegan avoids animal cruelty, has many health benefits, saves the environment, and mitigates world hunger.

II. Animal sentience

Animals are sentient beings. "Non-human animals, including all mammals and birds, and many other creatures, including octopuses, also possess these neurological substrates.""[1].

"A Universal Declaration on Animal Sentience: Animal sentience is a well-established fact " [2].

Since animals are sentient it is immoral to cause them suffering. Therefore, non-vegan foods should be banned worldwide.

III. Suffering

Animals surely suffer. Free-range farming is not cruelty free. Egg-production and milk production are extremely cruel. ""Free-Range" Hen

• Debeaked with a hot bloody blade at one day old with no anesthetic.

• Force molted (intentionally starved to shock the body into another laying cycle).

• Violently packed into a semi and trucked hundreds of miles to an agonizing slaughter when considered “spent” (unable to keep laying eggs at a fast enough pace).

• Denied the opportunity to live a natural life in truly humane care.

• All of her brothers (roosters) are brutally killed as baby chicks simply because they can’t lay eggs." [3].

"After just 4 to 6 years, dairy cows are “spent” from being forced to continuously produce milk. Often weak and ill, they endure transport to auction and slaughter, both of which are traumatic for these gentle animals. If allowed to exist free of exploitation and slaughter, cows can live 25 years or more.
" [4].

Humans have not found a way to reliable kill each other yet, and human life is considered more valuable by many. "Lethal injection can cause excruciating pain. Since the first lethal injection on December 7, 1982, over 1,000 prisoners in the USA have been executed by this method and it has all but replaced other methods of execution."[5].

IV. Health

Plant foods contain antioxidants, fiber, and phytonutrients. Animal products have too much fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, and animal protein. Animal protein is detrimental to human healthy because of the increase in IGF-1, insulin like growth factor one. IGF-1 increase risk for cancer.

"For years we didn’t know why eating a plant-based diet appeared to so dramatically improve cancer defenses within just a matter of weeks. But researchers recently figured it out: eating healthy lowers the level of the cancer promoting growth hormone IGF-1. This saga was detailed in my last four blog posts:"[6]

V. Environment

"Many fishing practices are extremely destructive to delicate habitats - particularly vital fish breeding grounds like coral reefs and seagrass meadows." [7].

"The cattle sector in the Brazilian Amazon is the largest driver of deforestation in the world, responsible for one in every eight hectares destroyed globally. Efforts to halt global deforestation emissions must tackle this sector. " [8].

VI. World Hunger

Animal products are less efficient. The extra food freed from these inefficient foods could fed hungry humans.

"Meat is less efficient because we eat the animal that eats the grain instead of eating the grain ourselves. It takes about 15 pounds of feed to make 1 pound of beef, 6 pounds of feed for 1 pound of pork and 5 pounds of feed for 1 pound of chicken, the Department of Agriculture estimates. For catfish, it's about 2 pounds of feed per pound of fish." [9].

"The environmental comparison of cheese varieties made from cow milk and directly from lupine and the evaluation of energy inputs in fish protein and vegetable protein also suggest an environmental advantage for vegetarian food. " [10].

VII. Summary

In summary, there is no valid reason to continue to eat animal products. Consuming vegan foods cause less animal suffering, are healthier, save the environment, and help mitigate world hunger. Non-vegan foods should be banned worldwide.

VIII. Links


The transgender law in Texas makes no sense, amirite?

I don't understand, I know I stopped listening to main stream news for over a decade, but still this takes the cake on confusing. In my mind there is male and there is female and that is all. So the idea of using your birth gender makes no sense. That is redundant.

Why not just make a law that states that humans must breath oxygen? I simply don't get this law and why there is such an uproar about the law.

Koala Bears are worth saving from anthropogenic global climate change, amirite?

Save the Koala Bears! Small furry animals are worth fighting for!

Militant atheism is the best religious stance, amirite?

Yes, you are correct. What would you call it then?

You have just been selected to stay in the wilderness for a week...How long could your survive before you said "Enough is enough, I am done"? Or could you make it the whole week?

I went for four hours. Between not knowing what to eat, what water is safe to drink, predators like large cats, and bears. I don't even know how to use a gun. If I ran across a single predator, I'd be lunch. :)

Donald Trump is a Christian, amirite?
@Sofia He says he is.

Saying you are is all there is to Christianity in my opinion.

I find it easy to believe, often the oppressed side with the oppressor. Some variant of Stockholm Syndrome.


Is Steve Bannon racist?

I think Steve Bannon probably is a racist.

Non-vegan foods should be banned.
@DandyDon The world and everything else will still suffer whether or not someone eats meat. Don't like something?,don't eat...

Lol, couldn't seem to put line breaks in the original post.

"The world and everything else will still suffer whether or not someone eats meat." DandyDon

Yes, but there would be less suffering. Avoidance of pain is something to strive for. Should we let mass murders go free?

"Don't like something?,don't eat it." DandyDon

Already eating vegan.

"People usually opt for banning,when deep down inside they know they have a crazy idea no one (very few people) will accept." DandyDon

Did you know that stealing, drunk driving, and slavery are illegal almost everywhere? There's a reason for rules and laws. Animal cruelty is a top-tier felony according to the FBI.

"FBI turns animal cruelty into top-tier felony" SUE MANNING

Nah, some of the stuff on the Internet is provocative. All having a reaction means is that the person either hit your buttons or you are a compassionate person.