About me.

hello smiliesmile smiliesmirk smiliey smilien smilied smiliewary smilielolwut smilieono smilieun smilie(cry2)no smiliecool smiliehmm smiliegoo smiliepuke smilieyum smiliel smiliehehe smilie

Hello! Okay, umm, so now I have to entertain you for this whole text box, don't I? Figures. But what must be done, MUST be done.

Okay here we go:

Contrary to popular belief, I am a male.
I'm from California. All the way to the bottom. It's called LA.
i haz noes speeling capeebillehtees, so don't hate.
I think Pokèmon is pretty cool, so yeah... wary smilie
My favorited posts are some of the greatest posts ever, so you should check them out.
I am addicted to amirite? and FML, though I think I like amirite? more.
I know G4 pilots on a first-name basis.
I love grammar Nazis, except when I'm the victim.
I'm kinda a hypocrite (if that is spelled right).
You have more posts than me, but I've been a member on amirite? longer.
If I could have only one type of beverage for the rest of my life, it would be water.
If I could have only one type of beverage for the rest of the hour, it would be Coke.
I don't have any cool post numbers. If I had to choose one, it would be #505020.
I wish I had more siblings.
I've made a Formspring, but nobody has followed me yet. ono smilie (You'll never guess what my username is, because it's totally not Vepix)
If your post is a really good pun, I would most likely favorite it.
I/'ve/'ll probably mispronounced your username on amirite?.
My favorite non-homepaged post: http://amirite.net/524540
Oh, you thought I was talking about my own post? Nahh, I'm not into that self-promotion stuff. . .

Music. Ahh, music. The part that everyone skips, but every great amiriter has one (not really) and I thrive to be one of "them". I can play the piano, gutiar, ukulele, and alto sax, but listening to music is also nice. I used to have more artists, but most of them were underground, so it looked like I was just saying them to look diverse. Now I just have my top 5 favorite bands/artists:
Alesana, Chiodos, Eisley, Lady Gaga, and Mumford and Sons. Some of those people are still not very known, but I don't care.

Best quote ever: "i admit sum pipol h8 me 4 hu i am, my attitude, my xprxonz, my style, da way i muv, da way i tok, and d way i xpres my feelingz, but b4 u judge me try 2 b wid me, then u will know da real me..."
It's a shame I don't know the author; I want to marry him/her.