Get those feathers out of your hair, girl. You are not a bird, amirite?
It's annoying when Conservatives speak against socialism by saying that the Nazi party was socialist because they had the word "socialist" in their party name. By that logic; North Korea is democratic because the name of their country is the The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. Amirite?

You aren't talking to very smart conservatives, then. I don't know a single conservative who would use that argument.

Neville should have killed Bellatrix, he deserved it more, amirite?
@pikabeau "NOT MY blank YOU BITCH!" Who would have gone in that blank for Neville?

Parents, but I think the focus was on Harry's parents and in fiction you can't really use two plot devices twice so importantly...if that made sense. Sorry, I'm tired.

Non-Americans: you're hoping the US economy completely crashes, amirite?
@Saudi80 As I said, the less the dollar is worth, the more my currencies are worth.

You do know if our economy crashes, bye bye goes your huge oil orders, Saudi? I'm going to assume you're Saudi since that's what your username is. America's economy crashes and a lot of people besides us are screwed.

When you were younger you always wondered what you would look like at your age now . amirite?

Wow, I feel totally weird now, 300+ thumbs up and i can't recall ever wondering that. Now I feel like I missed out.

You are never too old to sneak stuff into you parents shopping cart. amirite?

It's how we college students survive.

Ignorant black people piss you off (like the 'gangstas') amirite?

Political correctness pisses me off more. Yeah bring down the thumbs down.

Situation: a group of people are ordering food together. One person pays with their credit card while the rest pay that person back in cash. The person that paid with their credit card always ends up paying more than their share, am I right?

Or debit, cause if the cash person owes $10.50 for dinner plus $3.50 for drink = 14 they usually round down and don't bother with tax either. Which is why I decline using my card and having people pay me back.

When you go downstairs to get something at night, it usually turns into a ninja adventure, then you race up the stairs so the zombies wont get you, amirite?
It's funny how a popular person who talks bad about an "outcast" is labeled a bully and a jerk, but an "outcast" who talks bad about a popular person is considered an amazing human being, amirite?

I think the idea's that the popular person often talks shyt about another person for no reason whereas the outcast talks shyt and is a hero for 'rising against the popular person system' or something.

This site has evolved and changed quite a bit since it's creation, amirite?

I see what you did there.

You're a libertarian, amirite?


It sucks when your girlfriend sleeps with with some other dude, gets pregnant, and makes you pay for the abortion, amirite?

She can only 'make' you pay for the abortion if you agree to be made...

Self portraits and auto biographies are examples of classy narcissism, amirite?

I'd say yes, but Julie Andrews did an autobiography/memoir and I don't see her as narcissistic at all, so I dunno.

Osama Bin Laden was scum, but you respect his willingness to make a stand for what he believed in, amirite?