When you put milk in your coffee, you're nerfing the coffee. But if you put coffee in the milk, you're buffing the milk, despite it being the same drink. amirite?
@Camperofjustice well, i mean, the same ratio. different ratio is a different drink. but if you have the same percent, simply in a...

Yes but that's not what you said. When you put 1 into the other you are implying 1 has more than the other.

Grandparents want grandchildren for the same reason children want pets: all of the fun and none of the responsibility. amirite?
@Rusafu Or maybe having and raising children was the best part of their lives and they want that for their kids too.

No, raising kids is hell! humans are wired to forget the bad parts later on... can't have another explanation.

The brightness of memories gets lower as they age. amirite?

Not true. You would remember you most precious memories even when you grow old. It depends on the memory, and it's impact on you.

Storm from X men would save more lives if she just stuck to improving agriculture. amirite?
@Thatoneduderyan Magneto could be world's best architect and construction company in one. Heck he can transport massive objects to...

Many tried. Eliminating jobs and undercutting the market is what led to much of the anti mutant movements. Much easier to blame the underpaid worker than the oligarchs who profited from it.

The base unit of procrastination is 5 minutes, amirite?

Not for me

When you put milk in your coffee, you're nerfing the coffee. But if you put coffee in the milk, you're buffing the milk, despite it being the same drink. amirite?
You can have all the money in the world, but there's one thing you will never have… a dinosaur. amirite?

B*tch please just get a crocodile they're basically dinosaurs.

Sunlight is the one natural resource humans have not contaminated. amirite?

Actually, I don't know. Considering light pollution is a thing, the sun might not look as it did thousands of years ago

Technically, sugar is a drug. So every children is a drug addict, and every nursery school has teachers that give drug to students. amirite?

How is sugar a drug, technically.

When you smoke, you actually pay to get cancer. amirite?

Nope. I'm paying to give other people cancer.

Mid-night is actually more like 2a, amirite?
@Crazymotherfuker How?

I think op is saying more like "mid-night" (middle night - based on nighttime / dark hours).

I could be wrong though.

No one is ever the right amount of whelmed. amirite?

I don't want to talk about this right now.

The main purpose of a wallet besides holding money is to make you feel uncomfortable that way you know it's still there, amirite?
@88080808088 Think about it, tho, if a wallet was so comfortable, then you wouldn't feel it, therefore, if someone snatches it...

I walk around with my fingertips on my wallet. If it was uncomfortable, I would most likely not carry it in favor of carrying my cards on their own.

For the average person becoming Batman is more attainable than becoming Bruce Wayne. amirite?

Batman is Bruce Wayne

Reloading a gun in reality is not simple as reloading a gun in game. amirite?
@Nickyikky Worst case scenario, you don't have pre-loaded clips. So during the gunfight you:re hiding in a corner loading a...

Why would you be carrying loose ammo though?

Worse case scenario, use your enemy's gun and ammo