If you're a twin, either you or your sibling was unplanned. amirite?
@Shiny244 Now you gotta figure out which

Do Rock Paper Scissors and the loser just accept their fate

Water is kinky cause it likes to choke you. amirite?

What do I not get here?

If people were ever babies at one point, then how come we can't remember being babies, amirite?
@Boknows12 The government knows...

What government? It's all a simulation...

Have you ever watched someone do something different than the way you would've done something and get the same or better results but think "they did it all wrong!", amirite?

Depends on what it is. There's more than one way to skin a cat.

Kids growing up will never experience fighting with their siblings, too answer the "house" phone first. amirite?

I let them answer it. I hated answering the phone at the house.

A bar tenders job is to poison people, amirite?

Legally allowed to be your drug dealer.

There is supposedly a surplus of potatoes, yet they are very expensive. amirite?
@skyrat01 poe-tay-toes

A surplus of potatoes does not mean anything if they are not: a) harvested, b) transported to a warehouse; 3) washed; 4) sorted for quality, damage, or rot; 4) dried; 5) bagged; 6) marketed; 7) shipped , 8) received; 9) stocked to shelves. You are paying for potatoes "on hand" and that is a radically diminished supply.

If you take too many schizophrenia pills than you disappear, amirite?
most of the smol lizard r sperm,slowly gos in ur penis,loses ther leg,starts birthin n r caled sperm,no know, amirite?
It doesn't make sense that a majority of stores are open 9-5 when most people work 9-5, amirite?

Here in australia like 75% of retail stores close at 5, pain in the ass because most people finish at 5

Somone wearing little cloths can be a lot more lewd than someone completely naked. amirite?

Like handkerchiefs?

It has never been more appropriate for strip clubs to try outdoor dining, amirite?
Since when did suffocating someone become kinky, amirite?
All year long we tell kids not to take candy from strangers, and then once a year we send them out to do just that. amirite?

here I come to go into a random strangers car, cuz mom allowed me to get candy from them!

Cheese is the only thing that, when you melt it, becomes more delicious. amirite?

What about chocolate?