Nowadays many medications break more things than they fix with all those side effects. amirite?
@Sarah I don't even take Tylenol. This shit's ridiculous.

That's a lot of shit to got through just for a good night's sleep. I understand if it cured cancer and had that laundry list of serious side effects... but DAMN? just to sleep? lol

Mac or P.C? I say the first one that doesn't lie to me about how much time a process is going to take gets my vote! amirite?
@And the people who rate down yours (and mine) are also the iFags and the PCtards.

That's why I like competition and the power of choice, in the end I always win because I'm not a zealot for a particular company. I use whatever works best for me, period.

Oh god, "miley" is a popular topic on the side of the page. If this isn't a sign we should just stop caring about her, what is, amirite?
@Frahugganiffle THEY WILL EAT YOUR SOUL!!!!

and spit it out as an M&M's cupcake that will be fed to Mini Satans.

"Today there were 15 murders, 10 robberies, there is a rapist on the loose and a bird flu epidemic. There are terrorists plotting to blow up your neighborhood. Today's forecast is global warming with a chance of bloody rain." The News channels make it seem like the world is ending but when you look out the window your neighborhood seems relatively peaceful. amirite?
@Thomas you seem very funny:D

You know what? You are so dumb. lol :P
Hide yo wife!

Hey government you told us "If we've got nothing to hide, there is nothing to worry about" when you passed the Patriot Act. You can eavesdrop into my calls, check my email, grope me at the airport, see me naked, and search me without a warrant... so why are you so anal about Wikileaks allowing us to breach YOUR privacy back? amirite?
@DanielJames My point went over your head. Several articles on Wikileaks detail military intelligence both about our own forces...

That is dangerous for our operations there. That I'll admit. However, outright claiming that their very existence is bad for national security is a little weak. I do think he should focus on corruption, but somebody has to light a fire under the Government's ass and I am glad they are. I propose a witch hunt for corruption in religion, government and corporations. Let the cards start falling and the swine's true faces to be revealed.

Low cut shirts attract a bad kind of attention and in the winter they make your chesticles cold, amirite?

Are your Chesticles cold or are you just excited to see me? :P

Amazing women are like Rare Pokemon: They are very difficult to find, stand out from the rest, have exceptional qualities and you need Master Balls to catch them. amirite?
@ThatOneNut I didn't know that girls like massive testicles

Yes, they like ThoseTwoNuts and you need a big pair to sum up the audacity to try and win them over.

It feels great to be finally be done with school, amirite?

Well either way I want to be OUT of school.. so I'll leave this post in the Life section not IN school.

Religion and Government should not mix. Look at the clusterfuck that is the Middle East and the horrid "Dark Ages" with Christianity. It's a cause for concern that the U.S is drawing uncomfortably close to that again from the tea party. amirite?
@asdijojioiojioxj I'm all for informing myself here but I don't have that kinda time. Listen, I font agree to mixing church and state...

I think that's where the disconnect lies. "Moral Standards" is very subjective. I am concerned with the government adhering to the constitution and you are more concerned about whither the couple down the street is having gay sex because they don't meet your church's "moral expectations". You know slavery was once viewed as something normal and the church was an advocator of it, as was racial segregation. Did you know the KKK has baptist church roots? How bout the popes words on pedophelia?
“In the 1970s, paedophilia was theorised as something fully in conformity with man and even with children”
If the government is supposed to represent and protect the constitutional right of all of it's constituents. Especially in this nation of immigrants that advocates religious tolerance, then it can't be tied to religion.

Statistically... 9 out of 10 people enjoy gang rape, amirite?

omg.... lol

it annoys you when you see nice "christian" teens who go to sunday school and wear abstinence rings drinking, smoking, and having sex. amirite?
Religion and Government should not mix. Look at the clusterfuck that is the Middle East and the horrid "Dark Ages" with Christianity. It's a cause for concern that the U.S is drawing uncomfortably close to that again from the tea party. amirite?

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This is just the tip of the iceberg.

You would rather date a chubby but nice girl than a skinny but bitchy girl, amirite?
It's awkward when you're taking a shower and all of the sudden you get teleported to your best friend's mom's bed and then your friend walks in and you have to try to explain that to them, amirite?

OMG that happens to me ALL THE TIME. Wow I thought I was the only one...

In books or movies, whenever the bad guy interrupts a romantic scene, he always says "How touching." amirite?