About me.

Hey home-skillets! What\'s up?! My name is _ and I\'m REALLY HYPER RIGHT NOW! haha. Besides that, let me tell you about myself.

  • I\'m 15. Woooo.
  • I\'m Mexican and if youre wondering, no. I didnt have a quince. I went to hawaii instead!(:
  • I\'m more of a relaxed kind of person.
  • I love trying new things and going to new places.
  • I ♥ soccer. It\'s my passion(:
  • I\'m pretty smart but i can be so stupid at times. haha.
  • I\'m overall nice, but when I\'m not, it\'s kind of....scary. O.O BEWARE!
  • I also ♥ music. I listen to it all the time and I like any genre. I\'m in my high school orchestra. :D
    OK. That\'s all for now. PEACE OUT! ☺ GO ORCH DORKS!