If the only prayer you said in your whole life was, “thank you,” that would suffice.
If you're taking a girl out on a first date, and you don't know her favorite flowers, you should definitely get her:

You can't go wrong with a pet rock

When people say "I'm street smart", this is what I hear: "I can't do the simplest math problems or tell you who won the civil war, but I can make a drug deal", amirite?

It's probably not very "street smart" to brag about how good a drug dealer you are.

Freckles are adorable. Amirite?

On very attractive people, almost anything will seem adorable. They can only flatter physical beauty that is already there.

The support of something should not be the degradation of the opposite.
@KickAss Only if you're gay

Shut up. Gay people are awesome, all straight people suck

Marxism: Good in theory, terrible in practice.

I don't think it's good in theory either. Not everyone deserves equal pay fir different amounts of work. People should be able to separate themselves in status from others by hard work.

It isn't terrible, it's just not all that great either

It is possible to get your virginity back after you have lost it

Just sleep, talk, have sex in reverse motion, then do foreplay, then go on a date

A poem is always better if rhymed. It connects the meaning more closely to the mind. It's deeper- it sharpens the words; makes them bright. It gives it more rhythm and tone, Amirite?

The little bits of shit represent life's obstacles, and how they always mix in with the joy that is life. Rather than being two separate entities, they are a package deal.

It conveys the message that without life's hardships, there can be no full enjoyment of life's benefits. The narrator of the poem has come to terms with this to such a degree that he is grateful to the shit for being there to make him realize how much there is that he could let it ruin for him, but for that very reason gets past it, and enjoys the tits nonetheless.

Thank you, I would have gotten none of this had that not rhymed

So Mr. StealthApple is trying to make us suspicious of the other fruit now...

Hungry people: food is good, amirite?

Even if it's extinct, the prehistoric shark (Helicoprion) is freaking scary, amirite?

I can see why a mouth like that would bring it to extinction. Seriously, it probably bites itself in the face all the time.

If there was a button in front of you that, every time you pressed it, would make a random person (who would want it and deserves it) happy for the rest of their lives, but gave you a 1/30 chance of dying, you'd press it at least once, Amirite?
@Altoid_Freak_250 I would do it and hope that most others would too.

I'd press it once, then wait until i'm on my deathbed and mash the sh*t out of it until i die

Guys: you think girl's in hijabs are super hot - amirite?

This is a generalization. Some girls are hot in them, some are not. It's not the clothing that makes a person attractive, while the clothing can complement their appearance

The Boston Marathon bombers are wicked. They should be tracked arrested and tried for murder.

You never struck me as the type to post something so obvious. I wholeheartedly agree, but I don't exactly think it's an arguable opinion at all.

If going to some sort of college is neccessary to be successful in life, then colleges should be cheaper and easier to get into, amirite?

Perhaps more affordable, but certainly not easier to get into. There is still only a certain number of people that can go into a school, and it should be the best people that apply to it. If we lower the standard for acceptance, it will lower the quality of education at the institution, and that should not be done when there are still many smarter people that could go to the college/university in the place of the less intelligent that would apply and get accepted earlier.