The air coming out of a washroom hand dryer is the air from the washroom only. We might as well fart on our hands, amirite

by that logic, you might as well fart in your face too because you're breathing that air

Technically, straight men and women have the exact same amount of sex, amirite?

Ah, but you didn't account for straight women who have sex with other straight women.

You can't "Taste the Rainbow", because Skittles doesn't put blue in the mix. amirite?

I'm still bitter that green apple took over lime, tbh

hentie is fanfiction of anime, amirite?

I mean, hentai doujinshi would fall under that definition, but hentai in general is just anime porn.

Being a bee must be like walking around with a loaded gun with one bullet but it only Kills you, amirite?

It's a real rush.

Airdropping prank photos is what the younger generation do now instead prank calling . amirite?

We... We really don't do that

Calling someone a sourpuss really is a scathing insult. amirite?

Don't ever call me a sourpuss!!! I'll be so angery!

A weird statistic you could receive when you die is how many houses you passed which had a missing person in the basement, amirite?

I honestly think it would be zero for most people.

We are tired in the morning but we have a lot of energy at night, amirite?

Welcome to adult life.

For most of us, if our Jobs which we spend most hours of a day working on is taken out of existence from this planet, we realize it wouldn't create any sad consequence in the society. Making our work a meaningless effort, amirite?

What's your job? I can't think of any occupation that once out of existence wouldn't impact society in a negative way. I assume you don't mean that the human workforce is changed with computers etc.