About me.

Updated 7/7/12 (7/7/12 for the Brits)

I'm Wesley. I also respond to Wescat, Wes, Weskitty, Weslion, Wescheetah, etc. Be creative.

I'm 19, and am a freshman in college.

I have had 2 Post of the days which can be seen below. The first in that list was 2 favorites away from being the democratic potd, but alas it wasn't meant to be </3.

Random: I fucking love the Olympics and I won't get to see the first week :'(

I fully intended to put "sarcasm" as a character trait for my first choice university's application, if that tells you anything about my personality.

I love Coldplay and Auburn football.

I can't snap or smoke smartees. It's a sore subject with me.

Odds are low that you are reading this.

I live in the great USA.
My Second home is Amiriteland, where I have a tree warehouse, a fort/themepark, a ski lodge, a house in Leafy Grove, a house in the Skyhold and am working on the Parthenon, and an office building.
Amiriteland 2.0 things:
NYC 5th Avenue Apple Store (WIP)

I support the minority party of amirite politics, so if you wish to argue with me feel free.

This would be where I put people I like but I am in no one else's lists and I am a bitter old man so mine is empty. Although nonspecifically I like anyone who plays on the minecraft server or I talk to in chat.

Formspring: http://www.formspring.me/Wescat

No that is not my son.