About me.

Ok lets see hmm....

Name is: Val
Favorite Color is: Green
Favorite Singers Are: Michael Jackson, All-American Rejects, and P!nk
Birthday is: DECEMBER 17th
Favorite Food is: Cheesecake
Favorite Song is: "Move Along" and anything Michael Jackson
I'm From: Audubon, New Jersey
I Live In: Pennsylvania
I Play: Track and Field, Cross Country, Soccer, and Basketball
I Have: 3 sisters and 2 brothers (not including me)
I'm learning to speak: French
I'm Best at: Language Arts
I'm Worst at: Science
My dream is: To work in Theater
My favorite shows are: Keeping up with the Kardishans, The Hills, Dancing with The Stars, and Family Feud and Law and Order; Special Victims Unit!!
My favorite movie is: ..not sure...
Team: Edward, Jacob is just jealous
My favorite letter is: C
My Middle name is: Claire
I AM A NEAT FREAK: BEWARE -all except for my own room ;-)

And I think thats it, FRIEND MAY! :D