About me.

I love the hunger games (notice the picture)

I also love winter sports, reading, and music.

In winter sports- I ski and snowboard. Skiing is awesome but snowboarding is a bit more fun. Be aware snowboarding is VERY difficult to learn but it is worth it when you can do a run without falling.

In books and reading- I love to read. The Hunger Games and Harry Potter are some of my favorites. The Lightning Thief was very good, too. I will take any suggestions for a new book to read. Just message me and tell me your favorite book and I will look into it. I will make sure to keep you informed on if I will read it and if I do, how I like it. If I have already read it I will tell you what I thought.

In music- I know more modern artists than classic rock, but I still like a large variety.

Rap is good. Mercy is one of my favorites.

I love One Direction. I am a huge Directioner. I love them all but Louis is my favorite. Have you heard their new single, Little Things? I also really like Fun. And Imagine Dragons is really good.

Alternative is good. I love Ed Sheeran and Green Day.

I like some country, too. I know I once made a post that said it is pointless, but then I started listening to it because one of my friends loves it. I love Lady Antebellum. I don't know if Taylor Swift can be considered country, but I like her if you consider her country or pop.

Don't even ask me about politics. Romney. There you have it.

Any political ad is annoying. Like yeah I care about the election but you can't help being annoyed by political ads. My pet peeves is signing along to the radio so don't do that in front of me.

I have had other user names before these include:
blubber, UltimateMockingjay, Prim_E, and GaleHawthorne13

I'm a nice person so follow me I'll do the same (note I'm following more people than people following me)

Send me a message and I will respond. So do. Just don't put me in a debate unless your willing to surrender.

I like this website. It's fun. That's why I've been on for like 2 years.

That's all I'm going to say for now.