Your parents possibly start saying they want grandchildren because they miss you being a child and want a mini you replacement. amirite?

If my mom wants grandchildren she can have them herself.

You technically are born at a very young age because it took months for you to develop, amirite?

You are born at your youngest age

"Martian" might eventually become its own language. amirite?
@Montiexx Humanity's future Mars settlements might create their own language

Ok, but what if the life out there already has its own language, and to them we speak Martian?

When someone talks about making or spending '30k,' they're talking about '30 kilodollars', amirite?
@itsskyway You're probably wrong but I'm not bored enough to check on Google

Got bored, googled it:

K comes form the Greek kilo which means a thousand. In the metric system lower case k designates kilo as in kg for kilogram, a thousand grams.

The word ‘alphabet' is the Greek version of ‘the ABCs', amirite?

That's literally the origin of the word...

Cold blooded animals are always cold because their just dead inside. amirite?
Roses are red , roses are blue , depending on their velocity relative to you. amirite?

Are you a physicist? This seems like something a physicist or an astronomer would think about. I'm here for it

Mario is one of biggest simps ever, amirite?

Calling the actual princess mediocre. "simp" has jumped the shark.

Potatoes are vegetables therefore french fries are healthy, amirite?

Brilliant, obesity solved.

Even if we were all the same race, humans would still find reasons to hate each other based on superficial factors. amirite?
Nowadays people are probably more afraid of losing their phones than losing their wallets. amirite?

Well in a day and age where your phone is your wallet then yes

The Harry Potter series would have ended pretty quickly if someone brought a gun, amirite?
Rock and roll is officially dead, amirite?

Rock and roll will never die.

We are only ever with our biological mothers, twice, when they are on the brink of death: at birth and at their deathbed. amirite?

What I meant was, we should only be with our mother on the brink of death, twice in life. Once at birth and the other when they are on their deathbed.

I'm really tired of living through the busy part of the history book, amirite?

I wanted to live in the period that was marked with "nothing important happened here."

Pffft, we're still waiting for that one to happen.