About me.

I LOVE traveling, Dane Cook, George Lopez, the Nanny, knowing people (astrology :D and heritage and whatnot. Oh, and if anyone cares I'm a Leo with an Aries moon and Pisces rising), surfing the web and whatever.

I REALLY hate those self-righteous chicks who always talk about how girls are the bom-shiz, and guys are just stupid druling idiots. They go and say, "ladies first!" whenever they please, but then complain if the guys around them get any credit for what they do. "Girls and boys are eeeequaaaal!!!" No shit. We have equal rights for a reason. Stop acting like a bitch. Stick with one argument and shut up, because "ladies first," died out a long time ago.

Oh and I really don't like peanut-butter and whipped cream... I just don't understand the attraction they supposedly have. Oh, and I hate clowns. But then again, who DON'T they wig out?

And I like the non-american way of spelling, it just makes more sense... (Canada too? I have no idea, guess I'd better go and google that)

OH!!! And that youtube video ;D