We've all been taught from a very young age to just accept that most dry-erase markers won't work. amirite?
@Cypherixx Yep! And they still don't!

And the dry-erase market is still thriving >:0

Young Sheldon dresses more adult than adult Sheldon, amirite?

Because young Sheldon didn't go to a college, while adult Sheldon went to a college.

Since deaf people can't hear, if Pinocchio lied in front of deaf people then he would freak them out. amirite?

I'm a hearing person and if a talking wooden puppet came up to me, I can't really say I would be around long enough for the nose growing thing.

If you have a concussion, King Tutankhamen, amirite?

Did you have a stroke?

If matter is neither created nor destroyed, then whatever ultimately causes your death must already exist somewhere, perhaps in some scattered form... biding its time. amirite?
@Mcgee0 absolute zero doesn't exist does it?

It is real but I dont think we have a way of hitting it, we can get very very close and create super fluids that basically defy physics in every conceivable way.

I am not smart enough to argue my point other than cold is essentially sucking energy out and in turn is the absence of energy.

You aren't supposed to microwave a Cup of Noodles! amirite?
A condom is the solution to all the world problems. A single condoms could have prevent all current and future problems. amirite?
@This ain't the 80's

But condoms still work today so...

More AK47 rounds have been fired wildly into the air than at actual targets, amirite?

even more at stormtrooper academy

A giraffe probably has no idea that a whale exists, amirite?

Humans may know they exist, but they do not understand what it is to be either. They have enough difficulty empathizing with each other, trying to imagine the consciousness of a whale, a bat, or a cat is very difficult.

Well maybe not a cat.

Surgeons are professional people openers. amirite?

"Today on this unboxing..."

Years look weird when you put in the comma. amirite?

2,020 is very bad

Your butt can expel all of the three states of matter, amirite?

And all the states in the US. Don't ask me how, it just does

Bald people have invisible hair, amirite?

Does pubes count as hair?