About me.

I have always loved big tits. Luckily for me, I grew up around women with pretty impressive racks. My grandmother, Donna, wore a 40G bra according to one I took out of her top drawer one day. She had 3 daughters, all of whom were also blessed in the chest department. My mother, Bonnie, was the smallest at a 36F, followed by her older sister Lynette, who was a 38F, and last but certainly not least was the baby, my Aunt Joan at a massive 38G. I often found myself barely able to hide my hard-ons whenever they were around, which was quite often. However, the older women in my family weren't the only ones who ended everyday with sore backs. I'm speaking of course, of my sister Jenny, who was older than I by two years. She began developing early, and now, at the age of 26, she had beautiful 36DDD teen tits. This story is about her. I obviously noticed my sister's big tits porn, even if she was my sister. I spent countless summer days staring at them by the pool in the backyard as she lay out in tiny bikinis, threatening to burst at the seams as her boobs stretched the fabric of her tops. I'll never understand how my dad let her get away with that. Finally, after years of staring, one night when I was 18 and she was 20. I decided to take things a step farther. It was a hot June day that started like any other; I was trying to contain my boner as I stole glances at my sister by the pool, and then feeling the enormous urge to get jack off. However, this day ended differently than those before it. I knew my parents would be going out to dinner that night, so instead of jerking off right after coming in from the pool like I usually did, I managed to hold back for something I hoped would be better big tits lesbian. 7:45 rolled around and my parents left to head to the restaurant. By 8:30 it was dark and that's when my sister said sharon lee nude was going to take a shower. I heard the bathroom door lock, waited a minute, and then made my move. I quietly made my way down to the kitchen and walked out the back door. I then climbed up onto the gate that enclosed our deck, and then jumped onto the roof of the house. Our house had a long slanting roof, but it wasn't too difficult to start making my way to the higher end. about a third of the way up, I stopped and looked down. Jackpot. You see, both of the upstairs bathrooms had skylights. Below me, my sister was beginning to undress, and I could see the whole thing without her knowing. She began by sliding off the blue shorts she had put on after changing out of her bathing suit. I now had a perfect view of her ass. I know I mentioned she had a fat ass, but that certainly didn't mean she couldn't have a nice ass too. We were part Italian, and she had the classic Italian body. She had tan skin, and stood only 5'3", so her features looked even more exaggerated, and her booty was no exception. It was big and jiggly in all the right ways in a tiny pink thong. I could feel my cock growing. Next she pulled off her shirt, revealing a matching pink bra, and I had to pull my thick 7" cock out of my gym shorts right then and there. Her beautiful tits looked enormous even from up on the roof. They bounced as the shirt pulled over her head, and I felt my dick lurch. She pulled off the panties and I could just make out that she was completely shaven, and I grabbed the base of my penis. Only one thing left to take off. That DDD bra. And off it came. I began stroking my dick immediately when her nice tits fell out of the bra. Tiny quarter-sized areolae sat right in the middle of her heaving breasts and as she was busty teen looked in the mirror she cupped her boobs, lifted, and let them drop, as if to see how heavy they were. She turned the shower on and got in, and I was already fighting the urge to cum. As she shampooed her hair I began working my cock faster. I couldn't believe I was seeing this, and I had to keep looking around to make sure no neighbors had spotted me. she moved on to body wash, and was now rubbing herself all over, and I was just about ready to lose it. She cleaned under her breasts, massaging them as she worked the soap into her skin. I was pumping away furiously at this point, and the end was in sight. As she moved from her boobs to her ass, I was mesmerized mature boobs. What happened next was too much for me to handle. She arched her back to get her hair under the water to wash out the shampoo, and I lost it. Her tits jutted out and shook as she moved her head this way and that, and I felt the cum rising in my balls. I pumped my dick as hard as I could, imagining it between those glorious titties that I had been staring at my whole life, and my whole body tensed up as I shot one, two, three, a half dozen ropes of cum all over the skylight. I took one more look at Jenny, stuffed my leaking cock back in my shorts, and ran down off the deck to get back inside before she was out of the bathroom. The water shut off just as I got back into my room, and a few moments later my sister walked out in a towel. "Hey Derrick, did I miss anything good while I was in there?" sarah vandella asked. I barely managed to stammer a "What? Uh. no. Mostly commercials. I think I'm gonna call it a night." She looked at me suspiciously. "It's 9:05, Der, and it's summer vacation. Shouldn't you be at a party?" I searched for an answer, and said, "Yeah I don't know. I'm just exhausted for some reason." "Whatever you say weirdo." And with that she turned and walked into her room, closing the door. I was immediately hard again and had to relieve myself once more before I could fall asleep, and I dreamed of her big tan mature big tits the whole night. Anyone who knows me, knows I'm an addict for big booty mom. I think it stemmed from my childhood, watching those 90s rap videos where girls shook their asses in front of camera. It had an effect on me, and I just accepted it. Hell, who doesn't like a big ass? I was living with my sister, Sandra, until I was able to save enough money to get my own place. I'm 23 years old, and I felt it was time to move from under my parent's wing. Don't get me wrong, though. They always looked out for me, but they were overprotective a lot times. My sister was real laid back, and didn't really pay me any mind, which was cool. As long as I helped out with the rent and food, she was curvy slut. One day after I came home from work, I noticed a car parked in front of my house that I didn't recognize. It was a white Mercedes Benz, and it looked to be a 2014. Sandra got a new car? I thought as I walked up the driveway, checking the car out with a raised eyebrow. I went inside and hung my jacket on the rack near the front door, and continued to the kitchen. "Chris! Say what's up to my girl, Eva. Eva, this is my busty sister, Chris," Sandra said as I came through the entrance way. I paused in my steps as I came before sexiest Hispanic woman I have ever seen in my life. For a second, I thought she was Valery Ortiz, a gorgeous actress known for her role in, "Date Movie." The resemblance was spot on. Her long, brownish hair was pulled back into a ponytail, and her eyebrows were arched to perfection. Her lips were full and pouty in shape, which had me thinking about how they would feel if we kissed. I noticed that Eva was packing an impressive pair of hips as I extended my hand for a shake. Whoa! I thought as we smiled at each other, which allowed me to admire her pearly white teeth, each row perfectly aligned. Could this girl be anymore perfect? At about 5'6," Eva's upper body was petite, but her lower half carried a lot of her weight. Her thighs were thick enough to drive any man wild, and her breast appeared to be DDD cups at the least. Eva had a true hourglass frame: latina big tits with a tapered waist and big hips. I called it the, "triple threat." "Nice to meet you," I said, and our hands detached. "Likewise," brook ultra smiled, her voice coated with a thick Latin accent. I nearly melted right there. Call me whatever you want, but I was already in love at that point. About an hour or so later, after a shower and a quick nap, I made my way back to the kitchen, praying that Eva had not left yet. My eyes bulged out of my head when I saw Eva's booty from behind. It was plump and round, yet proportionate to her thighs. It wasn't really huge, but it was just right for her size. Her onion booty jiggled slightly in her black yoga pants as mackenzee pierce stepped around in front of the sink, rinsing out cups. "Damn she has a nice ass," I said in a whisper, peeking at Eva's ass from behind the corner. I supposed it had to be about 44 inches in circumstance, and her waist had to be 26 inches at most. Female measurements like that always drove me over the top, and I was getting more turned on the longer I stared. I checked if the coast was clear before I reached into my basketball shorts and grabbed my dick, which was beginning to harden as I watched her from behind. Shit...doggystyle must be crazy with her, I thought as I bit my lip and stroked my cock inside my shorts. Afraid of being caught, I got a few more strokes in, and got one last glance at her booty before I went back to my room. I should of went up to her and said something, but I wasn't the smoothest guy when it came to women who looked like that. I was used to 6s and 7s, but Eva was a definite 10 by anyone's standards. I was hoping to see a lot more of Eva and that fat ass of hers. * A week later, I was enjoying my time off of work. Working for the county's water company was a breeze, but I still wanted time to lounge around the house, play Xbox and watch Family Guy episodes on Netflix. I was, and still am a low key guy, with very limited friends. I was fairly popular around town because of my cool attitude, yet I knew who to let within my circle. Just as I was going to turn on my Xbox, the doorbell rang. "Got it!" I called out as I walked out of my room, not sure where Sandra was. I jogged to the front door and peeked through the blinds of the side window, only to see Eva, wearing a grey tank top, black thong flip flops and those black spandex again. "Yes!" I said with a fist pump before I opened the door and greeted her with a grin. "Hola papi!" holly brooks said with a light giggle. "Hey, what's going on?" I replied, trying to act as cool as possible. "Nothing much. I just got back from a little umm...appointment," breasts porn said, her eyes looking off to the side, and then back to me, "Sandra is here, right?" "Oh yeah she's here. I think she's in her room. Come on in, I'll go get her for you," I said, stepping aside and opening the door wider. My jaw dropped as Eva walked in. I thought I was dreaming, thinking there was no way what I was seeing was true. Her butt was bigger than it was a week before. What in the fuck!? Damn! I thought as my eyes watched her big amateur ass wobble as august ames came inside, giving me a perfect profile view. Her butt was indeed bigger, and it protruded outward an extra inch or two. It maintained its round shape, and the cuffs where her ass and hamstring met couldn't be anymore perfect. I was going crazy on the inside, admiring every curve and inch. The idea of a girls ass growing bigger was the epitome of a dream come true, especially if she wanted it bigger on purpose. "Well, aren't you going to go get her?" Eva smirked. I snapped out of my trance and looked Eva's face like a deer caught in the headlights. "Y...yeah that's right...Sandra, right," I replied, fumbling over my words. Her smirk changed to a smile as she shook her head. Good job, bubble butt! She caught you! I thought as I jogged to Sandra's room. "Bestie!" Sandra said in bubbly tone as we came to where Eva was waiting. They hugged and cheek kissed as I stood off to the side with my hands shoved in my pockets. I felt kind of embarrassed still, knowing Eva caught me scoping out her buns. I wasn't sure what she was thinking. She may have thought I was a creep. "We'll be back a little later, Chris," Sandra said as sexy missy martinez walked towards the door, "Did you want me to bring something back for you?" I shook my head. "No, you're good. Where are y'all going anyway?" "Shopping," Eva butted in, "You know us ladies have to get our weekly fix ass parade movies." "Yeah you're right about that," I said, hoping she disregarded my obvious staring. Sandra went for and opened the door. "We have to go before the mall closes. Call me if you need anything, Chris," Sandra said as Eva followed behind. I couldn't resist myself and gazed down at that ass again, watching her fat ass cheeks jiggle like jello as hot kayla carrera stepped forward. My eyes darted upwards to meet hers, and she responded with a flirtatious wink before closing the door behind her. Holy shit! Did she just wink at me!? I started to feel warm and confident as my mouth morphed into a smile. It was evident at that point that she didn't care if I was looking, and she knew exactly what she was doing. I turned away and walked back to my room, gazing at the ground as I tried to process what had just happened. So many questions were popping up. How did her ass grow that quick? Does she think I'm cute? Did she want to titty fuck here? Could she possibly be my girlfriend? Another week had gone by since I last saw Eva, and those were the longest 7 days of my life. I didn't ask Sandra about her because she's the type to mess everything up, telling Eva I had a crush on her. Though it was true, I wanted to be my own man and tell her myself. Eva and that booty were all I thought about. At home, work, it didn't matter. That booty was turning me into fiend, and I haven't even touched it. I sat in the living room and watched some basketball highlights on ESPN as I waited for the pizza I ordered to arrive. I had a fast metabolism, and my body was always lean, so I often got away with eating junk food like pizza. I was in no way a bodybuilder, but girls would always gasp when I removed my shirt, displaying a chiseled set of abdominals. "Finally..." I said as the doorbell rang. I unlocked the two locks on the door and opened it, only to be met by Eva again. My heart started beating a pace faster, and my face glowed with excitement. "Whoa, what's up, Eva?" I said as she caught me off guard. "Hey you!" She said with a smirk, wearing a white, crop top t shirt that stretched across her bust. Her yoga pants this time were grey, and stopped just above her ankles. I could smell her from where I was standing too, and it was so refreshing. Her fragrance was bold, yet soft and sensual, almost like a citrus scent. "Sandra in?" "Yeah yeah come on in," I nodded, stepping aside, a scenario much like the week prior. I nearly lost it this time when she stepped inside. No fucking way. It can't be. God damn! Her big ass anal got bigger, again!? My face flushed with disbelief as I got a good side view of Eva's ass again. It was noticeably larger in size, and jutted out even further than it already did. It had developed into a certified "ghetto booty," and was claiming the spot for the biggest ass I've ever seen in my life. As I stood aside to let her pass through, she flirtatiously bumped the side her huge ass in my crotch, pinning it against me for a few seconds. It was ridiculously soft, just like I had imagined. "Oof!" I blurted as I my torso caved in a little bit on contact. She swung it like it was nothing, as if she had mastered its every movement. "Oops! Sorry! This thing gets in the way sometimes," she said with a cheeky smile. Her big bubble butt fuck wobbled like crazy as she took it from my crotch and walked up a few steps. It jiggled in every direction before settling into it's perfect, heart shape, and my mouth couldn't even fix a response. My face went blank as I slowly closed the door, and proceeded to stare at her big, round ass in awe. "Wow...umm...damn..." was all I could come up with, followed by a nervous chuckle. "I have to put this thing on a leash before it hurts somebody," she laughed, looking back over her shoulder at her big booty porn like she was talking to it. I felt a burning sensation in my chest, and lips started getting dry as I swallowed hard. The big booty junkie within me was roaring with lust, and Eva probably knew it too. It was just me, her and that big ass booty. "I mean... it's...it's so big," I said, still in awe. "It really is, and I know you're an ass man, Chris. I think it's so cute buttman!" She was smirking when I lifted my eyes to meet hers. "Yeah? H...how do you know?" "How? It's obvious! I've had a big butt since high school, and I can tell when a guy REALLY likes it." Sandra could not have came at a worse time. "Eva! Hey hun!" She said as she came from the end of the hall, and walked towards us. It was probably good that Sandra came right then because the bulge concealed in my shorts was starting to form a noticeable tent. I backed away and let them hug and kiss, still replaying what had just happened in my mind. Sandra didn't seem to notice that Eva's has gotten bigger, which was weird, considering that it was so huge now. I sized Eva up as her and Sandra small talked, and estimated that her booty measured at about 50 inches. The rest of her body didn't seem to change at all, except for her hips, which grew in width too. I stuck around during their chat, standing off to the side rather awkwardly while taking occasional glances at Eva's round ass. "Let me go get your makeup kit, though. Thanks for letting me borrow it!" Sandra said as she started walking back to her room. "No problem, hun," Eva replied, "Anytime you want to use it, let me know." Sandra left, leaving Eva and I alone once again. "So what you got planned today, Chris?" aurora jolie asked with a smirk, looking at me as if she was up to something. "Me? O...oh nothing really. I just ordered a pizza, so I was planning on just chilling out today naked breasts." "Mmm...pizza is my favorite food! I wish I could stay and eat it with you, but I have an appointment to get to..." My eyebrows raised right when she said that. "I wouldn't mind that at all, and it sucks that you're not free tonight." Sandra came back with a Mac makeup box, handed it to Eva and led her to the door. "I'll walk you to the beautiful boobs clips." "Bye Chris..." Eva said in a flirty tone. She looked back at me again and gave me another seductive wink, along with flirty biting of the bottom lip. Her eyes hinted down at her enlarged booty before lola foxx closed the door behind her and Sandra, reminding me of our conversation. How was I like that lucky? * A month had gone by since Eva last came to the house to visit Sandra. I was missing her and that huge ass like crazy, thinking about what I could of been doing with it. I knew I should have tried to get her phone number when I last saw her, but I chickened out and I was regretting it. I always heard that the first opportunity is the best opportunity, and the more days that went by, it started to become more true. I mean, she literally bumped her booty into me! I replayed that event in my mind several times, fapping to the vision daily. The day was Friday, and I never wanted to leave work and go home so bad in my life. A few of my coworkers called in sick, and my boss had an attitude problem for some reason. I hopped in my car, a black Acura TL, and exited my jobs parking area, nearly burning out as I sped off down the street. 10 minutes down the road, I noticed a woman walking up ahead in the distance down the vacant street. Is that...Eva?! I asked myself as I decreased my speed, rolling up closer. "Holy shit!" I yelled as I leaned forward in my seat. My jaw dropped open as I my hand fumbled around to find the window button panel on the driver door. I didn't think it was possible, but Eva's latina ass had grown larger once again, big enough to where it almost looked cartoonish. I pulled up close, just enough to where the nose of my car was still behind her. "No fucking way! HELL NO! Shit!" I yelled from my seat as she walked down the sidewalk, not even looking over to my car. I figured she received several cat calls from random guys driving down the street, and most likely assumed I was one of them too. She walked with a pigeon-toed stance, and it looked as if she was sticking her ass out even more on purpose. missy martinez had a small dip in her lower back, which highlighted the ridiculous projection her butt had already . Her ass was monstrous. Stuffed in a pair of leopard printed tights, it bounced like crazy with each step as her hips bounced from side to side. The way it bounced when nena linda walked was insane, each cheek twitching up and down as is jiggled wildly. I drove up alongside her and pressed the automatic window button, lowering the one on the passenger side. "Eva?" I asked, pretending like I didn't realize it was her all along. "Chris?" Krystal Swift Porn asked, bending down a bit to look inside, "Oh my god! Hey!" I pulled closer to the curb and put the car in park teen curves. "What's up? Where are you headed to?" I asked, leaning over the middle console with my left hand still on the steering wheel free ass parade. She stepped forward and leaned inside of the passenger door, letting her breast bulge and press against the edge where the window started. "I'm headed home, hun. Where are you going?" "I'm headed home myself. Just got off work. Where is your car?" "Oh...I only live like 5 minutes away from here. My doctor is within walking distance, so I don't have to drive all the time ddf busty." "Doctor? Everything ok?" I asked, a tone of concern in my voice. Eva laughed. "Everything is fine, papi. And you might as well take me home since you're here now...asian booty man." My mouth turned into a smile as I looked away and tried to hide my obvious shyness. "Come on," I said, reaching over to unlock the door. She opened it and stuck one of her thick legs in first, aiming that big ass right at my face. As Eva sat inside, her left ass cheek smushed up against the middle console, nearly touching against my forearm. It was just that big. "Sorry!" She giggled, adjusting herself in the seat. Angela White Sex cupped her hand under her butt, and shifted it back underneath her as she wiggled in her seat. The whole display was crazy, and I was hoping the rest of the day was going to go the way I had planned it in my mind since I saw her walking. "It's funny you came at this time. I stay in the apartments right around the corner," she said pointing ahead as she crossed her thick, smooth legs. She gave me the brief directions, and I put the car in drive. "So what you got planned for tonight? Ordering another pizza?" She asked jokingly. "You got jokes, huh?" I asked, putting my signal on to make a right turn, "I actually don't have anything planned today. Why what's up?" "You can chill at my place. I can use some company..." I raised an eyebrow. "Yeah? That's cool with you?" "Umm...I just invited you, silly! Of course it's cool," she replied, "And save my number in your phone real quick." She beat me to it, and I didn't even have to ask for her number. I nodded and handed my phone to her as I entered through the gates of her apartment complex. The buildings were at least 15 stories high, modern, and looked very upscale. The landscaping was second to none, and the cars parked in the spots throughout were mainly top of the line brands. I didn't know what Eva did for a living, but it seemed like you needed a high pay rate to live there. She logged her number in and handed my phone back to me as I rolled in front of her building, parking in an empty spot. I put the car in park and looked at my phone, noticing that she saved her name as "Big Booty Eva" with a smiley face emoji next to it. I chuckled at the screen as I turned the car off. "What's so funny?" She smiled, unlocking her door to get out, "Follow me, papi on brazzers porn." I got out and followed behind her, not caring if flower tucci fuck caught me staring. It was evident that she didn't mind, and I damn sure didn't either. "Enjoying the view back there?" She smiled, looking back at me as we came to her door. "Hell yeah...this thing is crazy girl..." I nodded, her massive rear taking seconds to wobble back into place as she got her key to open the door. "Yeah...I know," she smirked as I followed her inside, still shocked at the size her butt had grown to brazzers!. Her apartment was spacious with a modern edge, and her kitchen appliances and living room furniture looked like they costed a fortune. "Wow! You have a really cool spot, Eva," I said as I scanned the room. "Thank you! I moved in about a 3 months ago. You can hang out on the couch. I'll give you a tour later." I nodded and took a seat on her big leather couch as she turned on the 70 inch flat screen TV that was mounted to the wall. She walked passed me to the sliding door across the room and adjusted the blinds. Her booty looked freakish from the side, and It dwarfed any big booty tube I've ever seen in my life. I was so curious as to how her ass was growing so large, and I knew it was the perfect time to ask. "Question, d...did your butt get bigger?" I already knew the answer, but I wanted to see what her response would be. "Of course it did," she chuckled, and walked over to where I was sitting. She twirled around and her big booty jiggled wildly as she stood with her feet together, and her hands clasped in front of her. "I definitely need to measure it, though," she said, looking over her shoulder at it. I swallowed hard as I looked at it with her, enjoying every second that went by.