I'm the only teenager in the world who doesn't like Eminem, amirite?

the great dillema: i want to disagree because i feel the same way, but i want your post to be positive lol

Some kids just want to watch the bugs burn, amirite

I set fire, to the bugs

A picture takes about 45 seconds to upload to Facebook from an iPhone. There's no good reason as to why my friend, who is constantly texting on her phone, has not yet uploaded a picture that I have constantly asked her for from two days ago, amirite?

this sounds more like My White Problems material to me haha

we are all slowly dieing, amirite?

every time a cell replicates into two identical child-cells, a small piece of information is lost and therefore we are always losing information, and therefore we age until we die

You hate when fat people who aren't fat because of some kind of medical disorder complain about being fat. It's not like they woke up one day fat, it was a process, and it's their fault for not stopping it sooner. If they're happy with the way they are, good. But it's annoying when people complain about something they brought on themself amirite?

there are people like that out there, but there's also a lot of people who were raised into bad habits as children and it makes it harder for them to lose it once they get older.. it sucks... The only way i know that is because i used to be obese hhaha! then i played football and lost it all lols...

why doesn't Texas fall into the Gulf of Mexico? Because OU sucks, amirite?

omg i love all your stuff

Hm... A bunch of privileged white people feeling compelled to take on the burden of 'helping' poor, uncivilized Africans, when in reality they're just doing it all for their own benefit... Hm... Sounds a tad familiar, amirite?

dude, nice one! cause sending 100 of our troops into a dangerous militarized zone is definitely going to bring about our own benefit. great job!

High schoolers: the saying, "Bros before hoes" is kind of like the older-kid version of our childhood saying, "guys rule and girls drool". amirite?

Lol I just didn't know if "guys rule girls drool" was just my generation or not

Guys: we got feelings too, amirite?

well this is kinda depressing haha

we are all slowly dieing, amirite?
High schoolers: the saying, "Bros before hoes" is kind of like the older-kid version of our childhood saying, "guys rule and girls drool". amirite?
@ASWCC not quite sure how to reply huh?

i actually meant to reply that to your comment not the whole post

Everyone hates those people whose sole purpose in life is to systematically no-way every amirite post they see, amirite?
Everyone, it's that time of the year; the time of year when you have to hide in the fridge.. Just to keep warm. amirite?

there we go

Girls: After going in the waves at the beach, a bunch of sand ends up in your bathing suit. But most of it is around your nipple, amirite?

Us men have a similar problem...

When I was your age, Shaggy and Scooby would do anything for 1 or 2 Scooby snacks, not 1 or 2 boxes. amirite?

its a sad, americanized world we live in today.