And how they mock us for "stepping on the poor man." As if we would actually touch them

Krispy Kreme Donuts are just gross. amirite?

Calm down everyone. He may have some problem we aren't aware of. Maybe as an infant he was dropped on his tongue

People who protect the Second Amendment say "Guns don't kill people, people kill people". While in some way this may be true, guns sure make it a lot easier for people to do the job, amirite?

And pencils make it easier to make spelling mistakes

And cars make it easier for drunk drivers to crash

And ice cream makes it easier to get fat

Wanna ban all of these?

You look like such a dork in some of your old pictures, amirite?

"This is a picture of me when I was younger"

"Every picture of you is a picture of you when you were younger"
-Mitch Hedburg (RIP)

On Fox News they believe that anyone who voted for Obama only did because they want to take advantage of the government and welfare. Even though there is a small percentage that will do this, not everyone will. The general population does not want to live off of welfare, they want to make a real living so they can have a nice life. Governing a republic requires the virtue of the citizen. Just because 1 out of 100 might not follow this, does not mean we should punish the other 99, amirite?

Punished? How so?

And while it sounded insensitive and narrow-minded, Romney was absolutely right when he talked about the 47%. The bottom 47% of earners in America pay -2% of the nation's taxes.

And if you look at the vote split by demographics, most of Obama's votes came from minorities and low earners...most likely because they know they'll get more government benefits with this president

Ann Romney understands struggle like a cat understands laser pointers, amirite?

And you obviously don't know the meaning of the word struggle. Financial struggles are one subcatergory. What about emotional, romantic, parental, mental, physical, spiritual, etc struggles? Not to mention this bullcrap she has to put up with about her being out of touch with reality because she's rich. I'd say going out in public when there are ignorant jackasses like you out there would be a pretty big struggle. What about standing by her husband with all the bad press he gets? I'd say that's a struggle as well. And if raising a bunch of kids isn't a struggle then I don't know what is. And what about faith? I bet if you knew anything about how Mormons live their lives you'd reconsider your own life's problems, take it from one. But I guess the fact that she has money coming out her butt just voids all her life's problems

It's funny that when we find out about Kony abducting children in Africa, everyone is all up in arms, but when someone mentions that the United States is killing children in the Middle East, all you can hear are crickets, amirite?
@That collateral is someone's child, you fucking piece of shit.

Oh I'm sorry, I must have missed the part where I said "It doesn't matter, It's just collateral damage." I actually thought I said its not right. Sorry if I put off the vibe that I love dead children

Some of the best video-games are actually the ones that are non-action based, and it's a shame they aren't played as much because "they're for little kids,", amirite?

Animal Crossing

It's annoying when people make jokes about serious issues, amirite?

"Life doesn't cease to be funny when people die anymore than it ceases to be serious when people laugh"

So France raises its highest income tax to 75% and all the rich are leaving... DUH, of course they're going to leave, amirite?
@wobbuffet Tax rates on the rich used to be as high as 90%, at least in America. That was one of our most prosperous times.

The reason the debt ballooned under Reagan was because of a raw deal with (democratically held) congress where he asked them to cut spending. They told him for every dollar he raised taxes, they cut so much spending. Reagan held up his end but congress never did. He did as much as he could to get the debt lower.

Like has been said, the cuts lead to massive economic activity and huge amounts of revenue.

And people always say "Tax cuts favor the rich—that's bad!" Why? It's a well known fact that it takes money to make money meaning that for the rich to HIRE, reinvest in their business, and actually GROW the economy, we need to stop taking away all of their money.

And just because the rich got tax cuts doesn't mean that everybody else didn't either. It doesn't even matter who got more cuts because they all did.

It's pretty stupid how Americans have been doped into believing they only have two options to vote for: Democrats or Republicans. It's gotten to the point where people vote Democrat just because they don't want Republicans to win and vice versa. And that's exactly what both parties want because it keeps them powerful. You should be educating yourself about the options available and then make a choice based on your own values and not just try picking a winner between the two, amirite?

So vote for Vernin Supreme ftw

Everything is easier said than done, except talking... That's about the same, amirite?

Having a sternocleidomastoidal contraction is easier done than said

Justin Beiber is so dumb, he didn't realize he said never 53 times in his song "Never Say Never". amirite?

She probably realized it

The Boston Marathon bombers are wicked. They should be tracked arrested and tried for murder.

Uh uh. Not at all. That doesn't make any sense. Why would they be arrested for detonating bombs? More so, why would we try them for murder when all they did was kill people? Plain old illogical

America would have gone to shit by now if our founding fathers hadn't put The Constitution in place, amirite?

The politicians have figured that out and are working on getting rid of that little problem