It sucks that my parents just told me that they can't afford to send me to my dream college. They said I'll have to go to the state university with the half of my high school that couldn't make more than a 21 on the ACT. I have a right to want more for myself, amirite?

Sure you have a right to want more. You do not, however, have the right to demand that your parents pay for it. If the state school is so bad in your opinion, you are free to pay to go somewhere else.

Darwin may fail temporarily in civilization. Natures desire to eliminate those unwilling to provide for themselves may be denied for a while but, nature always gets her due. She will not tolerate the dumb forever. The stupid and lazy vote. The ambitious and immoral are elected. Civilization crumbles under the weight of corruption.

There is too much here for me to give a blanket agree or disagree, so I'll itemize:
Agree. Unsure. Agree. Disagree. Agree. Agree.

Um... Music is about expressing your self, music is about transferring your feelings onto others. It pisses us real musicians off, when stupid music majors walk around thinking they're better than everyone else. Just because you can read music on paper, doesn't make you a musician.

This is the best video you have seen this week
Statistics can reveal some interesting information, amirite?
"Jim and Katie sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G. First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage. That's not all, that's not all. The baby's drinking alcohol." You can't believe you sang this as a child. The last stanza is horrendous, amirite?

I always stopped at G. That was when I needed to start blocking punches.

Girls: You masturbate, amirite?
@No Shit Sherlock

fuck you, watson.

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The government has too much power

In an ideal world, the only thing governments would do is provide safety for the citizens (police force, fire fighters, etc)

besides that (may be a few other things, but that's the main stuff) people should be left to do whatever the fuck they want

Buying a gun is easier than adopting a kitten. Heard this a few times in the last few weeks! Some guns should be a lot harder to buy.

I call bullshit on the first sentence, AND on the last sentence. I doubt the process for adopting a kitten is as annoying as purchasing a firearm. You have to make a payment, wait 14 days while you get a background check, then get permission from the state police in order to buy a firearm. Is it anything like that to adopt a kitten? I doubt it.

Some guns are harder to buy than others. You need to be 21 and take a pistol safety course before you can even pick up a pistol at a gun-shop, versus being 18 for a long gun. Also, you have to be 21 to buy a shotgun with a pistol grip, even though it's completely identical to a shotgun with a standard stock. To buy a fully-automatic weapon, you need to pay at least 200 dollars for a tax stamp and wait several years for approval.

I am insanely sick of the ridiculous things people think about firearm laws in the United States. You can't just walk into any ole' store and pick one up and walk out. You're not allows to just drive down the street dual-wielding pistols and firing them into the air. The laws are already very strict, and THEY'RE FINE THE WAY THEY ARE.

Childhood games teach mediocrity. Simon Says teaches us to blindly follow directions; Duck Duck Goose lets us know that life is a popularity contest; Hide and Seek says that being quiet is the only way to survive; Tag provides this insight: one minute you are “it” and the next you are irrelevant; Dodgeball shows us how to take advantage of people weaker than us because our self-esteem will go up when we deflate others. Kids today deserve a new set of learnings and new rules for life. Ami...
@TheBlindMan You don't even want to know what four square taught kids...

Keep your balls in other peoples space, if they don't throw em back, you win.

Every woman has a choice! Our body, our choice. If abortions become illegal I see a lot more deaths from illegal abortions. Making abortions illegal is taking a step backwards!

I don't see the child getting a choice in the matter. If the government cannot take away the choice of the woman, then the woman cannot take away the choice of the child. Saying that a fetus isn't human is almost offensive. It would be like saying, its not human, its an infant. Or its not human, its an adult. Being a fetus is a part of the HUMAN life cycle. And, while sexual crimes are terrible, they do not nullify the baby's right to life. Did i cover everything? BRING ON THE STORMMMM!!!

Marrage should be between any consenting adults, no matter who or how many want to get married, amirite?
I think we should all have to pay a flat tax. All of us in the middle class in the US have to pay a disproportionate amount of money while those in the upper income bracket pay little or none. It's just fair if we all pay the same.

No taxes! Fuck the government!

Smoking is like committing suicide in slow motion. If you really want to die that badly a gunshot or hanging would be far less painful, amirite?

Living is like committing suicide in slow motion. If you really wanted to kill yourself that badly... Why didn't you just choke yourself with the umbilical chord while you had the chance? It would've saved you many painful years. Amirite?